Is North Carolina a Good Place to Live?


Mountains and beaches are indeed a deadly blend, for they can make any recluse sink in boundless love—no wonder the state of North Carolina pops into the most scenic and livable places on Earth. From the golden beaches spanning 300 miles to the mighty Appalachian Mountains, North Carolina has kept in its bureau what every eye on Earth would yearn to behold. Home to a plethora of cultural and artistic history, this southeastern state in the USA has everything and much more for both visitors and dwellers.

Have you ever considered moving somewhere tranquil where you can listen to your thoughts? Have you considered the USA a possible migration option for its sheer number of opportunities? Have you ever given thought to which US state you should live in? If the answers are a consistent yes, come read about North Carolina, where both the landscapes and the community radiate beauty alike. 

North Carolina: An overview

Located in the southeastern United States, North Carolina has a rich history. Renowned as the ninth most populous state in the country, the Atlantic Ocean lines the eastern border of the state. The highlights of the extensively different landscapes of North Carolina are the Appalachian Mountains, the Atlantic coast, and the Piedmont plateau region. Due to the state’s widely varying elevations and geographical terrains, the climate varies from marine to subtropical.

Home to countless waterfalls, rivers, mountains, flora, and fauna, North Carolina features 14 acclaimed national parks. The availability of water makes it a hub of hydroelectric power production. It is also famous for its iconic tobacco farms and sweet potato farms. The tourist-friendly policies of North Carolina officials and community members attract millions of visitors every year to the state. The city of Charlotte and the Appalachian mountain range are the two popular destinations for visitors.

Is North Carolina a good place to live?

Home to the second largest banking center in the country and ranked seventh in the national education sector, North Carolina is everything and much more than anyone would ideally look for in their abode. But it is essential to trace both the positives and negatives of a place before making up the mind to move in there, and the following sections explore the good, bad, and ugly of North Carolina.

North Carolina: The Sunny Side

Low Living Cost

The estimated house prices in North Carolina are about 19% less than the country average. When it comes to rental places also, the rent is almost 10% lesser than the country’s average. The average cost of living is comparatively more affordable in North Carolina than in the rest of the country. Daily essentials, from groceries to fuel, only demand lower prices.

Inclusive Community

Regional uprisings against immigrants are common in many places globally, but not in North Carolina. The inclusive and welcoming community of North Carolina is home to people of numerous origins, races, and backgrounds. Despite having a population of more than 60% of whites, the state has a significant representation of Asian, African, and Hispanic communities. This co-existence of various ethnicities, races, and cultures contributes to North Carolina’s popularity as one of the safest and kind neighborhoods in the country.

Higher Education and Job Opportunities

The state of North Carolina is a hub of higher education centers like premium universities that offer quality education. Some of the most popular universities in North Carolina are the North Carolina State University, the University of North Carolina, and Duke University. High-quality education couples with an excellent job market in the state. Due to the multi-faceted developmental schemes present in the state, the number of job opportunities is some of the highest in the country. As a result, the state’s unemployment rate is also significantly lower- only 5% of the labor population is unemployed.

Historical Significance

North Carolina has one of the richest histories in the USA. The rich and varied heritage of the state began hundreds of years ago when it was part of the original thirteen colonies of the USA. The state held close the history of civil wars and numerous other battles. The state features many museums and places of historical significance to commemorate the walks of history forever.

Impressive Healthcare

Health, especially in the current scenario, is one of the significant concerns when someone moves to a new place. In North Carolina, medical expenses are comparatively less due to the welfare-oriented health policies and the presence of various university medical centers and hospitals like Duke University Hospital.

Scenic Landscapes

Thanks to the Appalachian Mountains and Atlantic sea shore, North Carolina hosts some of the most picturesque trails, like the Appalachian Trail and the Rainbow falls trail. Popular for both mountains and sea, North Carolina has to its credit more than 120 species of trees, over 300 miles of beach, 41 state parks, etc. 

Ideal Weather

North Carolina has a mixed or mild-range climate that does not cause harsh winters. Even in the time of winter, the temperature rarely drops below 35°F. The absence of solid winters lets people not worry about possible snowstorms or snowfalls. The difference in climate experienced in different parts of the state contributes significantly to the scenic beauty of the state. 

Best of both worlds

North Carolina offers its inhabitants the best of both urban and rural culture through its thriving cities and serene hamlets. Thus, the dwellers get to take the best out of both worlds or adopt any favorable lifestyle. The state features a booming young population keen on the bigger cities. At the same time, it also sports a massive population of senior citizens who intend to spend their retirement life in the serene foothills of North Carolina. 

North Carolina: The Shady Side

Frequent Hurricanes

Although the state of North Carolina provides mild and comfortable weather throughout the year, recurring hurricanes are an exception. Every year from June to November. The state stands the risk of repeated hurricanes. The state offers robust warning systems and remedial measures to manage hurricanes. The people living inland need not worry much about these natural forces. 

Pricey Tax Slabs

North Carolina appears in the 20th place among the states with high taxes in the USA. The income tax rate in North Carolina per annum is around 9.8%. Regarding sales tax, almost all goods come with an extra 6.9% sales tax on their net price. But the corporate and property taxes are minimum, at 2.5% and 0.85%, respectively.

High Poverty Rates

Despite providing high-quality education and low unemployment rates, much of the North Carolina population still lives in poverty. According to recent statistics, around 14% of the total population faces the wrath of poverty. This high poverty rate also leads to increased drug usage and resultant crimes.