Independence Fund and Elevation Church Partnering to Support Afghan Refugees


The Independence Fund, with the help of Elevation Church and The Galilee Center, will provide monthly cultural classes for Afghan women through November.

The Independence Fund began hosting cultural classes for Afghan women in early 2022, as the organization saw a gap in the Afghan community. While The Independence Fund’s Allies program assists Afghan Allies in the resettlement process, the need for cultural education remains a serious need for the community.

“The Independence Fund is dedicated to the successful and dignified resettlement of Afghan Allies throughout the country. These families fought shoulder-to-shoulder with American troops, and they deserve our best as they make a new home in the United States following their brave escape from the Taliban,” says Sarah Verardo, CEO of the Independence Fund. “We know, however, that feeling at home means more than simply having four walls, a roof, and financial support. We are committed to being at the forefront of these efforts, and know that learning the nuances of an unknown culture are intimidating at best, and exclusive, at worst. I’m so proud of our work with through our Afghan women’s classes and grateful for the support of community partners like Elevation Church and the Galilee Center.”

The classes, designed for 20 participants at a time, include topics such as women’s hygiene, access to mental health and healthcare, early childhood education, parenting tips, intro to driving, intro to rules and laws, community resources and access, financial services and lending, general safety, and visa and immigration procedures and paperwork.

Elevation Church, a close partner of The Independence Fund’s Allies program, will provide transportation, childcare, rental, materials, supplies for dignity kits, toys, and the cost of meals to ensure the cultural classes can grow and impact a larger part of the Afghan community. The Galilee Center will provide an ongoing, host location for the cultural classes,

“Finding community partners across the country who are making a direct, powerful impact in the lives of those they serve is key to Elevation’s outreach mission,” said Josh Wood, National Outreach Director at Elevation Church. “The Independence Fund’s leadership not only in the Veteran community but on the frontlines of resettlement for our Afghan Allies is remarkable, and it’s a privilege to help make these cultural classes accessible and successful for the women they serve.”

Early iterations of the cultural classes welcomed new groups of women each month, with repeated introductory material. Now, the program will be able to build progressive curriculum to ensure that Afghan families are equipped with resources to assimilate to their new home as smooth as possible.

In respect of the Afghan culture, a private chef will provide lunch cooked entirely to Halal standards.

Classes will be held 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. on September 26, October 24, and November 21.