Ideas To Repurpose An Old Canoe For Home Décor


When it comes to decorating or giving a new makeover to your home, repurposing old things is a brilliant way to freshen things up. You can reuse many things and revamp them to blend with contemporary home décor. For instance, if you are a canoe-ing enthusiast and want a similar themed décor, then repurposing an old canoe will be splendid!

Wondering if an old canoe will look good amidst futuristic smart lighting and automatic roman shades in your newly revamped smart home?

Well, worry not.

Here are a few innovative ideas to go about adding a unique charm to your smart home. Let’s explore!

  • Storage space

You can turn your old canoe into a whole new storage space. Just adding a few shelves to the piece would make it functional and efficient. It would also increase the aesthetic value of the space. You can use it as a bookcase or showcase.

  • Planter

You can also use an old canoe as a beautiful planter for your home garden. Firstly, find the right spots, and then all you would need to do is, add soil and plants, and you will be good to go.

  • Decorative piece

If you have big empty wall space in your home, leave the canoe as it is and hang it down from the ceiling. It can work as your relaxing rocking bed, and can also be your perfect hammock space to relax and unwind.

  • Home storage unit

You can cut down one side of the canoe bought from thrift stores in Charlotte and then set it up to use as a storage space for your living room, dining room, etc. These storage units would look equally great in every other room of your house.

  • Cooler

If you have a big yard or garden space, and you want to enjoy some great time outdoors, then take a canoe and use it as a cooler by filling it with ice. It would be a great addition to your summer parties.

  • Table

Don’t want to invest in an outdoor table? Then turn your canoe upside down and use it as a small table. It would look great if you have considerable outdoor space or lakefront property. You might need to make modifications so that it is stable.

  • Pond

Using an old canoe is a brilliant way to create an artificial pond in your garden area. Fill it with water, and then add plants or other natural decorative items. You can be sure to receive compliments on your innovative aesthetic sense.

  • Bed

You can go ahead a bit more with your creativity and turn your old canoe into a beautiful bed for your kids. This would not only give the room a new look, but it would also give your child a whole new experience.

So, these are some of the ways how you can artistically repurpose a canoe. Whether you keep it inside or outside your house, be sure that it will lend a whole new outlook and fetch compliments about your sense of aesthetics!