Hurricane Dorian Made Landfall This Morning, Bringing Record Storm Surges To The Outer Banks


Hurricane Dorian officially made landfall this morning at around 8:30am on North Carolina’s Cape Hatteras.

The storm brought record storm surges and unprecedented flooding to many of the barrier islands.

Here is footage from this morning on Ocracoke Island were the storm surge reached a record 6.21 feet (the previous storm surge record was 3.7 feet):

Yesterday, Hurricane Dorian traveled up the coast of South Carolina, bring several feet of storm surge to Charleston and Myrtle Beach.

This video shows the progression of the storm surge level in Myrtle Beach, starting at high tide and ending at the highest point of the storm surge;

The eye of the storm is now moving away from the Carolinas, but it will still be pushing floodwaters into the Outer Banks Sound until tonight.

Ocracoke and Hatteras are currently under a flash flood emergency.