Hundreds of Charlotte Family Members Missing After Hurricane Maria – Facebook Is Helping


It’s now been 1 week since Hurricane Maria made direct contact with the American territory of Puerto Rico as a category 5 storm, the most powerful category possible. Thousands are still without communication, power, homes, or a reliable supply of food and water.

CNN recently interviewed Lydia Rivera from the small town of Utuado, who told them that she’s now rationing crackers and drinking rainwater to keep her two grandchildren alive.

“No water, no food,” Rivera told CNN. “It’s nobody’s fault. It’s the weather. You have to go on.”

Charlotte has the largest Puerto Rican populations in the Carolinas and we currently have hundreds of family members who have no idea if their relatives are dead or alive – or if they’re stranded or trapped.

A new Facebook Group, called ‘Unaccounted For Loved Ones‘ has been set up to help let people know if their loved ones have been marked save.

The Puerto Rican Cultural Society of Charlotte’s Facebook Page has also been very active in helping relief and rescue efforts for the island.

Yesterday they posted this flyer with several drop-off locations and events in Charlotte to help victims of the Hurricane;


Please consider donating to relief efforts and please pray for Puerto Rico!