Human Trafficking Ministries Lined The Streets of Uptown During The Taste of Charlotte


Our state currently ranks among the top 10 states for Human Trafficking in America, with Charlotte being the worst city in our state.

Yesterday two local ministries stood in front of the Taste of Charlotte stage for several hours to try to get this message out, and to tell festival visitors that they can make a difference.

It’s now estimated that at least 1,700 girls are trafficked into sex slavery every year in North Carolina.

Local ministries Compassion to Act and On Eagles Wings are focused on not only building awareness to prevent future abductions, but also rescuing the girls who have been trafficked, some as young as 12 years old.

Here are some warning signs and things to watch for:

Some great points from our friends at @ourrescue. It only take a few seconds to read and learn them.

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