How You Can Add Value to Your Rental Property in the UK


From small fixes like changing locks to larger repairs like changing the roof, there are several methods you can add value to your rental property in the UK. Homeowners hate vacancies because it makes them lose money, but that is not the end of the line. If you have a rental property in the UK, you can add value to it. The best way for homeowners to improve their return on investment in their rental property is to invest in the interest of their tenants. Doing that means renovating or upgrading your rental property to increase your tenants chance of renting it.

Tip: When renovating your rental property in the UK, you must upgrade it to a modern standard. But don’t invest all your time and money to renovate a rental property like you are renovating your home. The occupants are not likely to take care of your property the way you will take care of your home. The point is, don’t over-invest in your rental property.

Use Decking Boards

The use of decking boards is one way you can spice up your rental property in the UK. A good decking material like composite decking will not only provide extra space for your tenant but will increase the aesthetics of your property. When you install composite decking boards on your property, you will give your tenant the chance to relax outdoors on the decking. Also, your tenant can hold parties or get together on composite decking. Since a good decking like composite is durable, it is worth adding to your home because it will last long.

Renovate Your Kitchen

One method to enhance the value of your rental property if you live in the UK is to invest in renovating your kitchen. If you own old appliances in your kitchen, it is time for you to change them. Adding a dishwasher, microwave, and oven are ways you can renovate your kitchen. Do you have furniture in the kitchen? You can add kitchen furniture so that arranging things in it will be easier.

 If your kitchen cabinet is old, then you can spice the colour so that it will look new. A good sanding with sandpaper and painting with good latex paint will upgrade an old cabinet. This way, you will increase the aesthetic value of your home. Take a look at the roof of the kitchen. Is the countertop old, or don’t you have one? If you have the money, you can change your kitchen countertop and, if possible, the entire rental. You should choose a countertop that is durable and has high aesthetic value. 

Renovate the Bathroom

Another way you can increase the value of your rental property in the UK is to remodel the bathroom. An upgraded bathroom is what many tenants look for when they want to rent a property. You can do a simple improvement to your bathroom by changing the toilet seat. Or, if you have the cash, you can change the entire toilet. To enhance the functionality of your bathroom, you can add a new shower head.

If the cabinet of your bathroom is old, you can change it to a new one. If the bathroom of your rental property is small, you can maximise the use of space by putting everything in order. You can use a pocket door and convert the bathtub into a walk-in shower. To save space in the bathroom of your rental property, you can install a shelf that will not take lots of space.

Update the exterior of Your Rental Property

The exterior of your rental is what your tenant will first come in contact with before renting your home. So, it is best to update the landscape of your property. We have mentioned building decking as a way to increase the external appearance of your property. Other ways to increase the appearance is by planting new grasses. 

You can also add a small garden to your property where you can relax and watch nature. Painting the entire exterior of your property is another way you can increase the value. Do you have flowers? You can install planters in the front of your rental, where you will place the flowers. Another rental property upgrade you can do is pour concrete and build a pergola in your garden.


The best methods to add value to your rental property in the UK is by building decking in your garden and upgrading the exterior of the rental. Other ways are renovating the kitchen and bathroom to make it modern.