How using a game ready ice machine is beneficial for soccer players’ quadriceps muscles


If you are a soccer player, you are doing a lot of intense exercises day in and day out. Along with extra conditioning work, like running, interval training, and pitch-based running, you often have to do a lot of technical training, tactical training, and team sessions. During this team season, you’re kicking the ball hundreds of times within just a few hours – this can lead to a build-up of muscle soreness, lactate to build within your muscles, and repetitive motions that can cause a lack of a range of motion – all of which is essential to a soccer players’ performance.

If you have a lack of range of motion in your legs, you will not be able to provide enough power to kick the ball as you normally would. This can be extremely detrimental to your performance as a soccer player, causing a lack of effectiveness while on the field. To ensure that you can kick the ball, run fast, sprint, and continue running for the full 90 minutes of the game, you need to ensure that your leg muscles are taken care of – such as the quadriceps, hamstrings, and calf muscles. 

Now you can simply and simultaneously apply active pneumatic (air) compression and adjustable cold therapies to reduce swelling, minimize pain, and speed and enhance your body’s natural healing abilities with the Game Ready Ice Machine from Source Fitness.

How a game ready ice machine can help your quadriceps muscles

One of the most important muscle groups for athletes of all abilities, and especially soccer players, is the quadriceps muscles. While playing soccer, the quadriceps muscles are the ones that help you jump to head a ball in the air and help you strike a ball with power. If you are kicking the ball, but you have weak or tired quad muscles, this can cause you to lack power in your kick. Without an accurate, powerful, and directed kick, your game will extremely suffer.

Make sure that your leg muscles are fully recovered after an intense training session or games by using a game-ready ice machine. You typically find that athletes use the game-ready ice machine a few days pre-competition or post-competition, whether it be after an intense conditioning session or an intense game. Using a game-ready ice machine post-workout is the best way to reduce inflammation in your muscles, reduce joint pain, and facilitate quicker muscle regrowth so you can get back out on the field in no time at all. 

By focusing on your recovery you can avoid overuse injuries, muscle pulls, or muscle tears that can take you out of the game for the entire season. Avoid being injured and facilitate quicker recovery by using a game-ready ice machine on your legs. All you have to do is put the compression sleeves on your legs, turn on the machine, and let the rest do the work. 


As a soccer player, you need to focus on your recovery so you can restore your leg muscles after back out on the field quickly. By using a game-ready ice machine, you can restore the function of your quadriceps hamstrings, and calves can sprint, run, jump, and kick a ball with ease while you are on the field – after all, you want to win all of your games!