How to Use Negative Reviews to Your Advantage


If you decide to place reviews on your website, you should prepare to see not only positive reviews but negative reviews as well. Even if you work perfectly, there can be one unsatisfied client who will place a negative comment with great pleasure.

Though it is impossible to get only positive reviews, many companies are afraid of their brand reputation and awareness, therefore they simply delete negative reviews or do not implement reviews at all.

You may be surprised if we say that negative comments can be useful for your business. Let’s sort out what benefits it is possible to get from them.

Influence on Positive Comments

Negative reviews make positive reviews look more authentic. Bad reviews can be a positive light that is shed on positive reviews. If your brand will show your reviews both bad and good, you will confirm that there is nothing to hide. Let’s sort it out as an example. We can imagine you want to watch the rating of a particular essay writer of an online writing company. If you see this essay writer has both bad and good reviews, you will trust this info as this looks like the truth. Doubts can arise if this essay writer has only positive reviews. Therefore, we can conclude that customers tend to trust those companies that have negative and positive feedback.

Negative Reviews as a Way to Make Proper Purchase Decision

Bad comments can not just increase customer trust in your brand. They can provide a real picture of what these customers should expect from your products and services. Many clients leave bad reviews not because the product was bad. This product simply didn’t meet expectations.

For instance, you purchased a T-shirt from an online clothing store and later found out this T-shirt was small or big for you. The fault is not in your brand but the incorrect choice of clients. Future clients who view your negative comment will understand that they need to order this T-shirt of another size. After clients will read and understand the reason for negative reviews, they will make a proper purchase decision.

React on Bad Reviews

You have already made the correct decision by showing your negative reviews. But this is not enough. You should know how to react to them. You should not leave them without attention. By reacting to bad comments, you will show that you read them and make everything in order to fix the situation. This will help to raise the trust of your customers in your brand. 

Speaking about reacting to positive reviews, everything is simple here. You thank clients who order something, and you welcome them to purchase again. Regarding negative reviews, your reaction should depend on the situation and the reason for placing a negative comment.

For instance, the product was sent later than it was discussed. The problem was in logistics; for instance, the postal carrier had a delay. You can provide an explanation to the reviewer with apologies. You can promise that it was an isolated issue. Let’s consider another instance, and you sent a product of another color. Here again, you should provide apologies to the reviewer and offer to replace the product for free. Show your customers that even if you have gaps in work, you are ready to fix situations in favor of clients.

Bad Comments as Signs to Change Something

Negative reviews can assist in improving your business. You may wonder how it is possible. Everything is simple. You can get a one-off negative comment, but if you see the same regular bad feedback, this means it is time to change something. By analyzing your bad comments, you can understand what you are doing wrong.

For instance, many clients can complain that customer support managers process orders for long. The solution is simple, and you can speak with your managers and point out their mistakes or employ other managers. Or maybe many customers are not satisfied with the delivery terms. Here you can change the expected times of delivery or update the postal carrier.

Time for a Conclusion

The most important thing is not to ignore your negative reviews. It is impossible for a business to work on 5-star. The main rule is no panic, as negative comments are not that bad. They can assist you in governing your business. Publish your negative comments by showing your customers that you can accept criticism and want to improve your business. Make all efforts in order to resolve the issue with the customers. Next time, you will not make the same mistakes. One day the number of negative reviews will start to decrease while the number of positive reviews will increase.  

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