How To Use a Water Bong


A water bong is a tabletop apparatus used by smokers to get the best smoking experience. It is mostly used for dry herbs and cannabis Sativa but can still be utilized with regular tobacco blends. It is important to differentiate between water bongs and other smoking gadgets like bubbler and dab rigs. The water in the bong is for filtering the smoke to make it clean and cool hence giving a healthy reviving satisfaction. The bong is composed of a bowl, water chamber, Downstem, ice catcher, smoke chamber, and mouthpiece. The first step to using the water bong is preparation. You need to clean it, get water, ice, tobacco blends, and cleaning solutions such as baking soda. On assembling the requirements, follow the steps below to get the best out of a water bong.

Fill the Water Chamber

The Downstem must be removed to reach the water chamber. For a more reviving taste, chilled water is recommended. Avoid overfilling, and make sure the stem is submerged but the water does not come out through the air hole. If it comes too high and spills, it might splash into the mouth or make the herbs dump. Likewise, do not underfill the water chamber. To be sure that the water chamber is correctly filled, take a few deep breaths through the mouthpiece. If the water does not reach your lips, the water bong is set to proceed to the next step.

The Ice Catcher

This step is optional and only applicable to a water bong with the component. The ice makes the smoke smoother and more pleasant to draw in. For devices without the ice catcher, ice can be added directly to the water, and the experience is no different. After the water chamber, proceed to fill the bowl. See more where you can buy a water bong.

Grinding and Packing the Herbs

Break the herbs or cannabis into preferred smoking sizes. This can be done by hand, scissors, or by use of a grinder according to preference. Be sure to remove seeds and stems. Place the bigger pieces first followed by the finer ones. Avoid overdoing it, and always make it half a bowl for one person to use. Carefully place the bowl on the water bong’s downstem, as the glass is fragile. After preparing, it is time to enjoy the relaxing smoke. 

Placing the Water Bong

Set the complete apparatus on a flat and even surface. Set it near a window to avoid filling the room with smoke. Sit near it comfortably, and hold the water pipe from down. Place your lips inside the mouthpiece. Do not put it inside your mouth. Take deep breaths before lighting the cannabis to prepare lungs and make the smoke smoother.

Lighting and Inhaling

Tilt the lighter and position the flame at the edge of the bowl. Avoid bringing the flame too close to the herbs for them to last longer. Gently inhale until the chamber is filled with smoke. Beginners can fill the chamber halfway. Once this happens, and the herbs are glowing, kill the flame. Then release the carb and breathe in deeply. Cover the mouthpiece with your hand to stop smoke from escaping. Repeat the process.

Now that you know how to use the water bong, storing it is important. Clean it after use; it is good to rinse all the components with hot water regularly.