Keeping tabs on someone can be tricky. Whether you’re worried about their wellbeing or simply curious about their activities, it’s not always easy to find out where they are and what they’re up to. The difficulty arises from the fact that most people these days go to great lengths to keep their private lives private.

If you suspect that someone you know is in danger or could put themselves at risk, it’s almost certainly a good idea to tell them as much and offer your help. But if they won’t accept your assistance, monitoring their phone can be one way of keeping an eye on them without intruding on their personal space too much. Depending on your unique needs, there is likely a method that will work for you. Here are a few different ways to track someone’s cell phone without them knowing.

For an easy way to track a phone without access and detection, please click here The main discouragement in people using tracking tools is the difficulty people have in monitoring and tracking other people’s phones without having access to the phones. No one wants to be caught hands down spying on their husbands, children, or friends’ phones. No one wants to track into someone else’s phone with the track lying around the phone.  Is it possible to track someone’s phone without access to it?


Yes, it is possible to track into someone’s phone without having any access to the phone (remotely) and you do not have to be a professional tracker to be able to get your hands on the information you are looking for.

Note that phones that are not operating an Android, iOS, or Windows operating system cannot be tracked. Also, factors like the location of the target phone, type of smartphone, etc. can determine the ease of remote access and cell phone spy app monitoring.


People track into other people’s phones for many reasons which are:

  1. To get information about the whereabouts of their loved ones like their husbands/wives, boy/girlfriend or children;
  2. To catch a cheating husband/wife or boy/girlfriend;
  3. To know the password of their husbands/wives, boy/girlfriend or children;
  4. To know who their children are texting, chatting with, or calling;
  5. To know what their children are watching on social media;
  6. To monitor their employees’ performance;
  7. To catch a thief; etc.

Whatever the reason you want to have access into someone else’s phone is, with technological advancements, it is very easy to track someone’s phone remotely and with tracking solutions like mSpy out in the market, all you need to get access is to be able to operate your smartphone.


There are a lot of spying applications on the internet. As of 2021, there are more than 60 different spying applications in the market, but many of these apps do not work and can infect your devices with malware. Below is the least of the best apps that can be used to track a phone:

App to track a phone without them knowing

The easiest way to track a phone number is to get it set up before it ever leaves your house with an app like eyeZy. You can simply download the app, follow the on-screen instructions, enter some very simple information into the preselected boxes, and you’ll be off to the races. 

Just a few years ago, this type of security tracking on your kid’s devices was unheard of, or it required expensive additional hardware, now it’s as easy as installing a tiny app. The new options allow parents more security and give kids more freedom to do what they want while keeping a close eye on any suspicious behavior. It truly is a set it and forget it solution to keeping your kids safe in an ever more dangerous world.

If you want to track someone’s phone and you don’t have access to it, there’s a great option called scannero. Just punch in their phone number along with a message and let Localize do the rest. It’ll send your message to their phone by text. When the recipient taps the link, Localize will send you their location, which you can view on a map.

Localize isn’t an app, so there’s nothing to install on their phone or on yours. Instead, just create your account and access Localize from any device. Phone. Tablet. Mac. PC. Whatever. Then enter the number and message. It’s that easy.

Localize is so powerful, it works on any phone. iPhone. Android. Even BlackBerry or an old Motorola flip phone circa 2003. If they can receive text messages, you can use Localize to find them.

It also works anywhere in the world. So whether they’re around the corner or around the world, you can find them.

  1. eyeZy
  2. Mobic
  3. SPY
  4. mSpy
  5. Cocospy
  6. FlexiSPY
  7. iKeyMonitor
  8. Spyera
  9. XNSPY
  10. KidsGuard Pro
  11. PcTattletale
  12. 11Hoverwatch, etc.

All these apps can be hidden and undetectable on any smartphone (android and iPhone) so you cannot be caught. They help you track incoming and outgoing phone calls, SMS, GPS locations, and messages from applications like WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, etc.

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Is it not amazing that a phone can be tracked with just a phone number? It looks like a crazy idea, right? Yes, it seems crazy but it is possible…kudos to technology…and awesomely, you do not have to be a professional to be able to do this. All you need is a sophisticated spying app that can track a phone with just a phone number from a distance and an internet-enabled device and you can spy on the person 100% without access to the person’s phone.

There are a lot of spy apps in the market that has this feature but you have to be careful what you sign up on because most of these apps are junk apps and will not give you value for your money.

FlexiSPY, mSpy, copy, among others are excellent track tools with this tracking with phone number feature without access to the phone because they work on any internet-enabled phone.

How to track someone’s phone Calls and messages

FlexiSPY is one of the best spy applications. It can be used for call monitoring and recording, message monitoring, social media monitoring and recording, environment recording, geo-fencing, camera tracking, and keylogging. 

To track a phone with just the phone number using the FlexiSPY app, visit the FlexiSPY official website and sign up with a subscription package that is suitable for you. You will then be asked to configure the target device by filling in the details of the phone model and other information about the phone. If the target device is an iPhone, you will need to get the iCloud credentials and verify it on the platform.

By the way, Android devices will require you to physically handle the target device to complete a one-time installation on it. After you have done this, the app will automatically run in a secret mode to ensure no one ever finds out about the track.

After the installation and setting up the device, click “start” to begin tracking the target phone. Then, log in to your online dashboard to track the phone number. Scroll to the data tab to track the phone using just its number.

After completing this process, you will have unrestricted access to the target phone including access to the phone’s IMEI number and SIM details such as the phone owner’s network provider


mSpy is primarily a parental control application for smartphones that allows parents to monitor their children’s text messages, calls, GPS location, multimedia files, and social media activities.

To use the mSpy app to track a phone with only phone number, go to its official website, select the preferred subscription package for your spying interest, fill in the basic information of the target phone (model number and other details); for iPhone, enter the iCloud credentials and verify them. Then click “start” to launch the track. Then, log in to the dashboard on the dashboard at the website and begin spying on the target phone.

This simple process will open up the unrestricted entrance to the target phone with access to other information about the phone.

How to track a phone without them knowing

FlexiSPY and mSpy are best used to track an iPhone so in case your target user owns an android device, then you can use the Cocospy app to track the target device.

It can be used to track contacts, call logs, notes, browsing history, messages, installed apps, location and past locations, and social media apps. It has other features such as keylogger, stealth mode, geofencing, etc.

To use the Cocospy app to track a phone, go to its official website and create your account. Enter the details of the device (model and some useful information), install the Cocospy tracker on the target phone. Now, you can download and install the Cocospy APK on your device. Then launch the app and permit it to track the target device. If you want, you can remove the app icon and let it run invisibly on the target device. Then, log in to your dashboard and start tracking the device.


One of the reasons people want to track a phone is to get the password of the device without the knowledge of its owner. You can easily track the password of the phones of your spouses, children, and employees as well as track their activities by using the spy apps listed above.

Track someone by cell phone number without them knowing

Hoverwatch app is one of the smartphone spy apps that can be used to track the password of phones as well as monitor their calls, multimedia files, text messages, browser history, etc. It is considered the safest and best app for this purpose.

It can be easily used by visiting its official website, sign up with your email ID, and download the app. After which you can start tracking passwords of android phones.


Using the toolbox of the iSkysoft app is another very easy way to track a phone’s password. It can help you track all types of passwords including numbers, alphabets, patterns, etc. To be able to use this toolbox, you will have to download and install it by visiting its official website.

When you have installed the toolbox, you can use its lock screen removal option, connect your phone to a PC by using a data cable to receive notifications, and then press the start button to start tracking the passwords of other phones.


If you only want to monitor the multimedia files of your husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, or children you can also use tracking applications such as FlexiSPY and mSpy. They are much easier to use and they also allow monitoring of multimedia file sharing on social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.


The steps for tracking iPhone multimedia files only requires you to enter the credentials for the device and verify, enable the optional backup feature to sync the target device to your phone, and log in to the online dashboard of the spy app (FlexiSPY or mSpy) and begin to view the contents of the phone’s multimedia storage.

Then, click on the “photo” tab and finally, click on photo files to select and view.

Note that the dashboard also provides additional access to spy on sharing of multimedia files to Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, and other social media platforms.


Remember that it was mentioned earlier that to access a phone without touching it is determined by the type of phone. So to track an android camera requires having access to the target phone to install the spy app on it after downloading on your device. When prompted, you can simply select the command “Grant all necessary permissions,” to enable tracking into the target device.

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