How to Track a WhatsApp Number and Find Someone’s Location


Do you need to track someone’s WhatsApp number? You may want to find out where they are located. If so, you’re in luck! This blog post will teach you how to do just that. It is quite easy to track a WhatsApp number, and with the right tools, like iphone sms tracker, you can get accurate results quickly. So, whether you are trying to keep tabs on an ex or want to know where a friend is, read on for all the details!

Reasons to Use SMS Tracker Apps

There are several reasons why you may need to use and track someone’s WhatsApp number. Some of the most common include:

  • To keep tabs on your kids, spouse, or significant other
  • To monitor employees and their activities
  • To catch cheaters texting without their phone
  • To ensure that your company data is secure
  • To find out where a loved one is located in case of an emergency
  • To monitor your own phone usage
  • To track a lost or stolen phone
  • To identify suspicious numbers and contacts

Whatever your reasons, using an SMS tracker can be a great way to gain knowledge about someone’s activity and stay in control. It offers complete peace of mind on what messages have been sent or received by the monitored device.

Methods to Track WhatsApp User Number Without Their Knowing

A few methods can help you track WhatsApp user’s activities without their knowledge and find their location. These include:

Use a WhatsApp Spy App

One of the easiest ways to track a WhatsApp user’s number is to use a WhatsApp spy app. These apps are designed to track all WhatsApp activity on a target device, including messages, calls, and even location. So all you need to do is install the app on the target device, and then you will be able to see all WhatsApp activity from your own device.

Use a WhatsApp Web Tracker

Another way to track a WhatsApp user’s number is a WhatsApp web tracker. These tools work by monitoring the IP address of the devices that are used to access WhatsApp Web. This means that you will be able to see the numbers of any devices that have accessed WhatsApp Web from the target device.

Use a Cell Phone Tracker

You can also use a cell phone tracker if you want to track a WhatsApp user’s number without their knowledge. These tools work by tracking the location of the target phone and can even provide you with real-time data such as call logs and text messages. However, most cell phone tracking apps require physical access to the target phone to be installed.

Use an Online Tracking Service

Some online tracking services can be used to track a WhatsApp user’s number without their knowing. These services work by collecting data from the devices that are used to access WhatsApp and then providing you with an online dashboard where you can see all activity. However, it is essential to note that these services usually require a monthly subscription fee.

Use a VPN Service

If you want to track a WhatsApp user’s number, you can also use a VPN service. VPNs work by routing your internet traffic through an encrypted tunnel, which makes it difficult for anyone to track your online activity. Additionally, VPNs can also provide you with some additional benefits, such as increased privacy and security. So, if you want to know how to read someone’s text messages without their phone free, use this method!

How to Find Hidden Messages on iPhone with WhatsApp Number?

If you want to find hidden messages on an iPhone with a WhatsApp number, using a third-party monitoring app is best. These apps allow you to track and monitor all incoming text messages and other data associated with any WhatsApp account. Many apps also have additional features such as GPS tracking, call recording, and more.

This sms tracker app works even if the person has blocked you or has enabled two-factor authentication on their device. You can also use these apps to access deleted messages from someone else’s WhatsApp account. However, keep in mind that using a third-party monitoring app will require you to obtain the target user’s consent before proceeding with the installation.


Using a third-party monitoring app is your best bet to find someone’s location or monitor their WhatsApp messages. These apps provide an easy and reliable way for you to stay connected with the user’s activities as well as keep an eye on any suspicious activity that may be occurring in their account. 

However, it is important to note that these apps require user permission before being installed. With this in mind, using these apps responsibly and with caution is important. Nevertheless, if used correctly, third-party monitoring apps can be a great way to stay connected while keeping your loved ones safe.