How To Start Your Own Custom Clothing and Apparel Business


There is a wide potential client base for custom clothing and apparel and starting your own business in this field could be a great idea. Individuals love this kind of clothing for their events or for daily wear and many businesses count on these types of companies to kit out their staff and brand the business further. The beauty of this kind of business is that you can start in a small way and easily scale up once the customers start to arrive. Here is how to go about getting started in this industry. 

Key Equipment and Base Materials 

The first stage of your setup is to get the machinery that is required to create the apparel and to ensure that you have the base materials ready for your first customers. To begin in a simple way, focus on doing one or two clothing items, such as t-shirts and sweaters  — you can always branch out later on when orders come in. You can find suppliers of plain clothing online of which you will then be able to emblazon with whatever the customer wants. A laser clothing printer will be the biggest expense here, but you could look to buy second-hand in order to keep those costs down.

Another good option will be working with a printing company that has high-quality materials, dropshipping and sustainable packaging. There are some effective key points for you to know how to start a t-shirt business. It will help you grow and expand your business in a short period of time.

Social Media Set-Up 

The best place for you to get started with your custom clothing company is online, using social media as a tool to promote the goods. You may have to waste some of your base materials here for marketing efforts. Make sure that you create a variety of t-shirts and sweaters with a variety of designs on, in order to inspire people to purchase from you. The best hashtags and pages to target are those for stag and hen parties, birthday events, and small businesses that may wish to make the change to the uniform which you have designed. 


Another great way of marketing here is to use influencers to showcase your goods. Contacting people on social media and sending them an example of the quality which you can create is a great way to get them to help you out. Influencers will also charge a cash amount so you will need to negotiate to get a great price. Beyond this, you can seek out local trade shows where there will be many businesses, and show off your wares to them as well. 

Deliver to The Customers

Once you see orders coming in you have to absolutely ensure that you are giving the best quality service that you can. This is about you building a reputation and in order to do that you need to show high-quality customer service and deliver perfect products to the customers. Engage as much as possible with those customers and ensure that you keep a log of who is buying what, so you can reach out to them again in the future. 

The key is always ensuring that your product is of the very highest quality and that you are pushing hard on the marketing front.