How to Promote Small Fashion Brands in Charlotte Through Instagram?


Instagram was launched in 2010, as just any other social media application or a platform. Within several months of its launch, it had about eight hundred million people actively using the app monthly, with about half a billion of active users on a day-to-day basis. The app was intended on its users sharing their photos and videos aka a part of their lives. However, off lately it has emerged as one of the most useful and prominent platforms for digital to online marketing. 

There are many industries which have opted for advertising and digital marketing on Instagram, out of which fashion is the biggest one. Most of the fashion brands get more than sixteen thousand likes and hundred comments on each of their posts. With such large user base companies in Charlotte, North Carolina are looking out for making new prospects. They are devising new ways, with many of them choosing to buy Instagram likes

Simple Methods for Smaller Fashion Brands to Increase Their Engagement on Instagram:

Improve the quality of the pictures – Instagram is a world in itself, where pictures and videos, basically your content speaks for the account itself. You are supposed to put quality content out there on the Instagram. Your photographs should have high resolution. If you are operating a business account, it becomes extremely important for you to upload high quality picture as your users would not pay attention to blurred or low-resolution pictures. Also keep in mind to keep your posts in sync with your present visual theme. 

Search and use proper hashtags – Hashtags have become the ultimate finding tool by innumerable people around the world. Avoid using terms with general and broad meanings like ‘time’, ‘love’, etc., as there are millions of posts using these kinds of hashtags. You should look for hashtags that are more specific and narrower to increase the visibility of your brand. You have to research hashtags, that will help users recognize your brand. 

Engage vigorously – This step involves engaging with people who utilize the same hashtags as you. Like and comment on their posts. If they have posted a positive post about your product, then repost and provide with a shout out with some gratitude. It ensures mutual trust between your potential customers and your brand, thus increasing customer loyalty.

Influencer marketing – This trend is huge and will continue for at least several more years. You should choose influencers on the basis of their content and audience. For instance, if you have athletic fashion brand, then you eye fitness influencers. 

Promotions on Instagram – When you are starting out, you might require a little boost to bring in some public recognition and awareness. Instagram ads are the easy way to gain visibility. On Instagram, there are more than two million advertisers and the IG ads gave extremely specific targeting. You can also promote your IG accounts on other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, etc. 

Have a shippable feed – Even after you have a very pleasing feed, users will not shop your products unless you give them direct opportunity to buy your products. So generate a call-to-action by providing them with your clickable link to your website, in your bio.

Strategize your marketing plans, so that they can yield desired results.