How to Prevent Identity Theft When Playing In Online Casinos?


There are innumerable people in the world who love to practice gambling regularly. Casinos form a very important part of the gambling culture. There are two basic types of casinos. One of them is the real casino, and the second type is a virtual casino. Mostly, people love to visit a real casino. A casino is a place where one can go to gamble. The massive advancement in technology has given rise to online casinos. As the name rightly suggests, in an online casino, the players effectively join the game. The dealer comes to live, or the games are conducted using a predetermined algorithm in an online casino.

What Is Identity Theft?

Every person upholds his/her identity to the best of the capacity. Identity theft is a serious crime that is extremely unethical. It is a form of cheating. Identity theft is the act of using someone’s identity. This can be done to obtain credit or do some other malpractices. In the world of cybersecurity, identity theft is quite a regular thing. People use the IP address, name, and other login credentials of some other users. This enables them to mask their activities or do those in someone else’s name. This gets the name of the culprit masked, and the real person behind the malpractice stays safe. Thus, identity theft is used by many cybercriminals. In the case of online casinos, players use someone else’s identity to mask any losses and wrongdoings.

Ways to Prevent Identity Thefts in Online Casinos 

There are some well-defined ways to prevent identity theft. You can resort to these ways to safeguard your account.

  • Keep your account details encrypted: Encryption is a very strong and effective medium of safeguarding your account from any hacker and wrongdoer. If your account credentials are saved in an encrypted manner, the hackers will not get their hands on this information. This information should be encrypted since it is private and very sensitive. No one will access encrypted information, and that can prevent hacking and other following malpractices.
  • Play only at trustworthy casinos
    Casino reputation matters a lot. So you should better stick to a casino that prove itself as a reliable gambling site and never been into frauds and cheating. Cany Asian casinos fall into this category and to find one you simply need to search for สล็อตออนไลน์ in Google.
  • Never share the account details elsewhere: In an online casino, every user needs to create his/her account. This account is the identity of the user. Every transaction related to the player is carried out through this account. The deposit and credit transaction also happen from this account. Hence, naturally, you would need to give your online banking details here. But, you need to be careful to never share your account credentials. However, close you are to the person, it is never right to share your passwords and other private details.
  • Use VPN
    VPN can be a lifesaver when it comes to data privacy. Just take a look at one of the VPNs with good reviews and always use it when it comes to gambling sites.


Identity theft is a major concern in online casinos. This can promote malpractices using a false identity. It can also lead to framing the wrong person and getting him/her penalized for a crime he/she has nothing to do with. But, there is not much to worry about as with correct precautions, one can prevent identity theft. The two most important ways to do so are never sharing your account credentials and saving the data related to your account in an encrypted manner. It is best to know the privacy policy of the online casino before signing up for the service.  

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