How to play Holy Priest class in World of Warcraft Dragonflight


Blizzard has been constantly working on strengthening and refining the World of Warcraft project for the past 20 years. Players again set off to conquer new lands and continents after the release of the Dragonflight update.

Some of the players returned from inactivation, while others did not leave the lands of Azeroth at all.

In general, players who now play World of Warcraft can be divided into three groups:

Active are the players who are the first to break into everything new in order to absorb as much unusual content as possible. Their goal is to enjoy the process of farming, PVP and professions. They easily change the main character if they are tired of it and constantly return to WoW when fun is planned and leave it again until new updates. So it was in Shadowlands, so it is in Dragonflight, and so it will be in subsequent updates.

Slow – such players have a strong desire to slowly and leisurely enjoy every minute of World of Warcraft. They will read guides to get the best result, and not engage in experiments – after all, there are already players who have gone through this path and are ready to share their experience. Such players often play in groups and gather more for socializing and monotonous progress rather than any ambition.

Investors – such players do not want to wait and farm, they came here for status and emotions, and they will not spare money for boosting and coaching services, raid carry and easily buy game gold from trusted services like Skycoach. They do not feel sorry for their investments, and they will easily leave the project if it ceases to bring them pleasure and emotions that affect the ego.

Who is a Light Healer

In World of Warcraft, Holy Priest is the most complete healer of all possible classes.

He combines a large number of skills and rotations for mass and single healing, resurrections, creating special healing zones.

A Holy Priest is indispensable in raids and dungeons, especially Mythic ones. They are hunted by all major guilds in order to attract them into their ranks. It is worth clarifying that we are talking about talented healers with a good reaction, and not just players with the ability to heal.

Large PvP don’t go without healing either, and often Priests are the number one target for enemy offensive classes of all kinds.

The healer cares about equipment, jewelry and enhancing effects on all types of protection, and not weapons. The staff will certainly help in pumping, but is not a priority investment.

You should also understand that it is difficult for a healer to level up alone and the harsh realities of any game work in such a way that you will start to find a good hunting group after level 30, since it is more profitable for many players to level up on their own without sharing experience. Why then are they then surprised that there are few healers at high lvl, we will miss of course.

What has changed for the healer of light in the Dragonflight update

After the release of the Dragonflight update, the developers have greatly revised the talent systems, giving players the opportunity to combine any skills and cooldowns to create unique and interesting builds at their discretion.

The healer class has received a buff to their primary healing skills, which now restore more and cooldown faster.

A Divine image has appeared – this is a chance when using healing magic to summon the image of a saint, which will repeat all your positive effects for 9 seconds.

Of the cardinal changes, you can also notice the ability to deal more damage and the strengthening of auxiliary buffs, which give more help to your allies.

The damage has also been increased to make it easier to level at the initial levels.

Benefits of the Light Healer Class in the Dragoflight Update for World of Warcraft

  • The ability to quickly restore a large amount of health and impose strong regeneration.
  • Unique cooldowns only available in the Light specialization.
  • Many AoE skills that increase incoming healing, remove debuffs, and heal large groups of players.
  • Unique abilities for raids – the ability to cancel the strengthening effect from the enemy, massively remove negative effects, deprive the enemy of aggression to attack, pull an ally towards you and heal, apply an acceleration effect.
  • The ability to deal good damage to a single target in between healing.

Disadvantages of the light healer class in the dragonflight update for World of Warcraft

  • There are quite a few skills with a short cooldown that you need to keep an eye on for effective rotations. Can be tricky for beginners as speed and reaction are required.
  • The overall healing depends on the available non-cooldown skills, especially for single target healing.
  • Allies don’t receive chain healing, but zone healing, so you need to find the perfect position or command everyone to stick together.
  • Virtually no massive damage to the enemy.
  • There is no way to interrupt the casting of enemy spells.

The main characteristics that you should pay attention to for the healer of light in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

Each character in World of Warcraft has its own characteristics that affect its capabilities in combat and leveling, but they are different for everyone and can be radically different.

  • Intelligence
  • Speed
  • Critical hit
  • Mastery


Intelligence is a basic characteristic for all representatives of magic, regardless of the direction and types of attacks.

The higher the intelligence score, the stronger the damage will be, the greater the total mana and the effectiveness of all skills related to magic.


Healer is not only about healing magic, but also about survival. Healers are often the number one target for enemies, and so he must be able to move quickly and use magic as quickly as possible. This parameter is responsible for the parameter of running speed and reading magic.

Critical hit

Critical Chance is the ability to deal increased damage, but it doesn’t just work on offensive skills. The chance that your skill will proc with double the power is worthy of you paying attention to the critical hit stat. It also affects offensive magic skills.


Mastery is the effectiveness of the use of magic. Affects the chance of passing magical curses, the strength of healing and the time for which a positive effect can be applied.