How to Move a Piano


Moving is a strenuous activity. Add that you have to transport large instruments like your piano that weighs nothing less than 1000pounds, and the stress multiplies. Plus, you may have to transport it down the narrowed stairways into an elevator or find little navigation space for movement. Before you think of trying the DIY route, you might want to consider finding reliable expert movers for the task. 

If you’re wondering how heavy a keyboard is, you want to know they are pretty heavy. Plus, they come expensive, and could be one of the few valuable items you may have in your home. Given the fact that they come at a high price and you may damage them when climbing down a flight of stairs and sustain injuries, it’s essential you learn how to transport a piano safely to your new home. Here are some valuable piano moving tips to teach you how to easily move a keyboard. 

1. What you need to move a piano

The first thing you need to do is get all the necessary moving materials to transport the instrument safely. Whether you’re wondering how to move an upright piano or the grand one in your home, some essential supplies you will need are:

  • Tape; they help secure the plastic wraps, blankets, towels, or clothes used to prevent scratches on the piano surface.
  • Plastic wrap; for added protection and helps you prevent scratches on your valuable item. Blankets, clothes, and towels also serve the same purpose as plastic wraps. 
  • Dolly straps; this equipment holds the weight of the keyboard
  • Work gloves; to keep your hands safe and help you hold firmly on the piano. 
  • Van ramp:  like dolly straps, they help you balance the weight of the instrument as you transport them to the van. 
  • Cardboard pads; besides plastic wraps, cardboard pads keep your instrument safe from damage when boxed and placed in the moving van. 

2. Piano moving process

You know that the piano is valuable and can damage easily, with factors like weight and space acting as a hindrance during the move. The next thing you want to know is how to move the large equipment from its original position into the moving van. To do this;

  • Measuring the upright piano dimensions

How big your keyboard is will determine the moving van you will use and how smooth the transport process will be. Before moving your instrument, make sure to measure its size. Consider its height, width, length, and depth, as well as the size of the doorframes, hallways, and staircases. You need to know the exact dimension of your equipment, rooms, and other road paths in the house to carefully plan how you’ll move the piano. 

The classic height of an upright piano ranges between 110cm to 135cm, while its width and depth are between 150cm and 6ocm, respectively. If you’ve thinking of how to move an upright piano you need to think about its size and keep these dimensions in mind to make the process easy. 

  • Free the path of movement

Apart from knowing the size of your keyboard, you’ll also need clearance space to transport your instrument. As stated earlier, the doorways staircase always plays an integral role in making the process seamless. Even if you’re considering getting expert help, it’s also necessary you clear these pathways leading to the moving truck to ensure an injury and damage-free move. In some cases, your door frames may have too small a size to contain the instrument, so; you may have to remove them. 

  • Remove jewelry from the piano.

Most keyboards come with decorative features like jewelry and other ornaments to unique sparkle. To ensure your safety and that of the movers, it’s always best to take these ornaments off and store them in a plastic wrap or container. 

  • Wrap the piano

Since you’re done taking out the jewelry from your instrument, now it’s time to get your plastic wrap, blanket, clothes, or towels to wrap the keyboard. Make sure to pad the corners correctly and ensure the wrapped instrument with a tape. Also, ensure the tape doesn’t touch the piano surface.  

  • Lifting the piano on a trolley, fixing the piano, moving

Lifting the keyboard is not easy, even for more than three persons. It demands capable human resources or automated equipment like the trolley. A piano trolley helps you transport the large instrument after you’re done wrapping it. To use a trolley, ensure the instrument is adequately covered, then find the perfect angle and fix the trolley. After setting the trolley, automate it to lift and make your way to the moving van. 

  • Using a ramp

Another way you can get your large equipment in the truck is by using a ramp. Most movers would prefer to use a dolly before getting the ramp to complete the task. To easily lift your keyboard with this method, 

  • Get the truck ramp ready
  • make sure you use iron stair ramps, especially if you’ll be passing through the staircase
  • take a step to avoid accidents until you get to the van and load the large instrument on the van ramp. 
  • Securing the piano in the van

Your piano should be the first thing you load in the van. Ensure they are appropriately tied with thick ropes to keep them from tumbling or moving around in the truck. 

3. Piano moving advice

You might think it’ll be pretty easy to move the keyboard to your van. But, you want to think again. Whether upright or grand piano, the weight can be too heavy even for five adults to safely move it, and the slightest mistake can leave you with severe injuries. To safely move your keyboards, here are some rules you want to remember;

  • Do not lift the keyboard without equipment.

Automated equipment serves efficiently than labor so, avoid the DIY lifting route. You will want to keep a dolly, trolley, and ramp close.

  • Don’t rely on your piano rollers (if any)

Piano rollers won’t take you far, only a little distance. Plus, they weaken quickly and jam often. This makes it quite a dangerous equipment. 

  • Don’t move fast

Moving too fast can mean accidental damage and unforeseen injuries. When transporting your large instrument, make sure to take a step at a time.  


Pianos are weighty and risky to move. Plus, it requires the use of reliable equipment and technical know-how. Without proper preparations, you may end up with accidental injuries and several home accidents. The good news, this guide on how to move a piano will no doubt teach you how to safely move a piano to your van without risks of damage and injuries.