How to Measure Your Mouse Clicking Speed?


In most parts of the world, using the computer has become an everyday occurrence. Devices like tablets and mobile phones have also come to play similar roles to traditional computers. Some actions carried out on the computer or mobile devices allow for the selection of an option to control its functions. One of these actions of selecting is the clicking of a mouse or tapping on a device screen. 

The Fundamentals of Mouse Clicking 

Growing up with a computer, everyone must have used a mouse. Clicking is the act of selecting an icon or option on the computer to execute that action. The mouse comes with left and right buttons and a scroll wheel. By tapping on one of these two buttons, a selection is made or a display of further options to choose from concerning the selected Icon.

Tips to Improve Your Mouse Clicking Skills 

If you are new to clicking or you simply want to improve your clicking speed, the tips below should help you. 

Be Gentle 

The mouse buttons, just like your mobile device screen are designed to operate with minimal effort when in use. So, when clicking, you should be gentle and calm. Tapping too hard would make you lose time between clicking intervals.

Body Position 

The position of your body and hands also determines how fast and how well you click on the mouse. Consider sitting upright and having your hands on the computer surface to reduce strain. It also helps to relax your hands and to have your fingers at a close distance to the mouse buttons.

Getting the Right Mouse 

For pro gamers and other professionals that use the mouse a lot, a good-fitting mouse should be a must. Using a gaming mouse will make it easier to click.

Measuring Clicks Per Second 

If you are a professional gamer who plays a lot of first-person shooter games, then you know how important it is for you to click your mouse and to make your shots at the right time. Your winning in the games depends on clicking accurately and fast. In combat games or adventure games, clicking speed also matters. To measure your clicking speed, which is recorded in clicks per second (cps), you will have to take the cps test online.

The cps test is an online test that is similar to a game. It is meant to help people build up their clicks per second in a fun easy-to-learn way. The cps test is calculated by taking the number of clicks or taps within an area on the website and dividing it by the time allotted for you to click. (Number of clicks per second). The highest clicks per second in the world is 14.1 cps. 


The CPS test is a good way to encourage people to click faster and better. By applying the tips on how to get almost perfect clicks, you will be on your way to gaining gaming victories in Minecraft, Counter Strike, and all your best games.