How to Maximize the Benefits of Charlotte’s Rise in Solar Panel Installations


Up and down the United States of America, the solar panel industry continues to grow. Solar energy already accounts for 1.6 percent of total energy generation in the US – which exceeds the one-percent global percentage – and International Business Times further forecasts enormous growth over the next several years, with federal and state governments actively encouraging solar energy expansion.

Not one to miss out, Charlotte and many other cities and towns in North Carolina have been showing their desire to be more environmentally friendly. A trend is sweeping across Charlotte, which is seeing many homes and businesses put up solar panels. So, as a consumer or a person of business, how can you capitalize on the rise in solar panel installations in Charlotte?

NC businesses and residents driving the solar trend

The state of North Carolina has seen many of its businesses, both big and small, catch headlines with their eco-friendly energy initiatives. Earlier in July 2019, Charlotte-headquartered Duke Energy passed an incredible milestone of 1-gigawatt of utility-scale solar facilities that they own and operate across the US. The North Carolina-based business boasts sites in ten states, serving eco-friendly energy to around two million homes.

Small businesses in the state are also keen to show that they are progressive when it comes to being friendlier to the environment, with the Brews From The Sun competition. Each year, the competition has people vote for their favorite solar-powered breweries across the country, with the top three in 2019 all being based in NC.

Solar fever is sweeping across North Carolina, with residents of the state, particularly in Charlotte, more than willing to get involved. Earlier this year, Kiplinger caught up with Charlotte couple Ivica Bilich and Jennifer Twiggs. The two detailed that due to the fall in the cost of solar panels, the hefty tax credits available, and the rise in energy bills, solar panels have finally become a money-saving option.

After incentives, such as 30 percent off via federal tax credit and a hefty rebate from Duke Energy, their total cost came to $9,680, which they’ll recoup in nine years. You’ll hear many other Charlotte residents recount a similar tale of solar energy finally becoming affordable to set up as well as being able to save thousands down the line.

Charlotte wants more solar businesses

The solar panel industry continues to grow across the state of North Carolina, making openings for savvy businesspeople to set up shop and make the most of this boom.

If you want to make the most of this opportunity, you’ll need to be fully prepared for what being in the industry entails. Being a relatively new and tech-forward scene, you’ll want to know more than just construction basics. A solar-panel business is expected to conduct surveys, install panels, deal with financing, support customers, perform repairs, and keep up with maintenance to ensure the customer gets the best return on their investment at all times.

As you can see, a lot goes into operating a solar-panel business, not to mention the knowledge needed to explain to customers how solar panels works, and to be able to keep up with advancements in the field. A team will always be advised so that you can cover all bases. Naturally, you’ll want to be covered with professional liability by Next Insurance if you’re doing the installations, or advise your installer to get covered in case your installations cause any damage to the customer’s roof or house. Then, you’ll want someone with a good business mind and thirst for knowledge working behind the scenes if you are not doing so yourself.

The people of Charlotte and North Carolina are taking to solar panels very quickly: will you join in the trend to be more eco-friendly or be one of the businesses helping residents to save money on their energy bills?