How to Manage Your Blood Sugar Levels with Medication and Lifestyle Changes?


People who are suffering from diabetes often worry about their blood sugar levels. Hyperglycaemia or high blood sugar can occur when an individual’s blood sugar is above 180 mg/dl. Things can get dangerous if people don’t manage their blood sugar levels correctly. They will incur the long and short-term health issues. In this article, we will discuss some of the lifestyle changes and medication that will help to reduce the blood sugar. Following these guidelines, people can live a healthy life. 

  • Manage the blood sugar levels accurately

The high blood sugar level wouldn’t result in any symptoms until over 200 mg/dl. Hence, a person with increased blood sugar must monitor their blood sugar a couple of times in a day. It will ensure that the blood sugar is not high. People can use the home glucose monitor for checking the blood sugar levels. You can get one online. 

The suggestions for how many times a person should check their blood sugar will vary from one person to the other. Hence, it is always best to ask your doctor and follow the guidelines. 

  • Taking Rybelsus can help 

Rybelsus is a medicine that gets used with exercise and diet to enhance blood sugar control in individuals who have type 2 diabetes. This medicine gets prescribed when other medications don’t succeed, and it’s not used for treating type 1 diabetes. Rybelsus is an oval-shaped tablet that is available in 3, 7 and 14 mg strengths. Today, you can use Rybelsus coupon to purchase this. 

However, you need to make sure that you use the medicine as per doctor’s recommendations. Make sure to stick to the guidance in the prescription label. Usually, the doctor will start you at a lower dose that gets increased after a span of 4 weeks and 30 days. Make sure that you follow your doctor’s instructions. 

The medicine needs to get consumed orally once a day after you wake. You shouldn’t eat or drink anything 30 minutes after this. Don’t chew, break or crush the tablet. You can eat after 30 minutes to an hour of consuming the medicine. 

  • Consume the correct carbohydrates

You will come across two types of carbohydrates, complex and simple that impact the blood sugar levels in a different way. Simple carbohydrates are generally made of a certain kind of sugar. You will find it in foods like pasta, white bread and candy. It breaks the carbohydrates down to sugar fast, which causes the blood sugar level to increase fast. On the other hand, the complex carbohydrates get made of three or more sugars which get linked together. And since the chemical composition of such carbohydrates is complex, the body takes time to break it down. Hence, the sugar gets released gradually to the body; hence, there is no immediate blood sugar spike. Examples of complex carbohydrates are sweet potatoes and whole grain. 

These are a few ways in which individuals can manage their blood sugar levels effectively. A correct lifestyle and prescribed medicine are key to managing this condition and leading a healthy life.