How to Know If You’re Ready for Marriage


There isn’t a single person in the whole world who can with ease answer that question. Nowadays, in this contemporary world, many ladies tend to get married much much later, some far in their thirties, and some even then say that they are not ready. 12 signs you should marry your boyfriend. So, when is the right moment? How will I know? Would I be able to read the “signs”? If you have a cherished and righteous person by our side, there is not much weighing to do, since life is short, and there is a vivid adventure in front of you, far after the marriage. Here are the most obvious ways to find out if you are ready to take the plunge.

You will feel that you couldn’t be with anyone else

Dating serves just as a means for finding an eligible husband or wife. Our organism is somehow predisposed to search for the special someone with whom we would be able to have children and spend the rest of our lives. Once you “feel” that you no longer have to “look” for that kind of a person, and you feel that you have him by your side, then that is the best time to get married. You won’t need to be with other people, neither to share a bed with anybody else. You will not notice other people around, and that is only because you will feel truly content.

You won’t have any doubts or reservations

If your future husband were to arrive with a stunning diamond ring, similar to the ones you can find on Jewelry Jealousy site, you will say “YES” without restrictions just because you feel safe and loved. One of the best ways to know that you are ready for marriage is to know that you don’t’ have any reservations, secretes, concerns or doubts about him or his life. Many people who consider divorce generally have had concerns before getting married. If you are having some doubts about entering a marriage with your partner, knowing that you can discuss it, sharing that you have clear desires and goals in life will put you on the right path. When he proposes, you don’t need to get married at that very moment, waiting for the right time may take even two years, which will prepare you mentally for the upcoming marital life.

You feel safe and mature

Once you have found a partner who is not jealous, grumpy, headstrong or, hopefully not, violent in any manner, you can say that you have found a safe haven. Jealousy is a vicious thing, and if you feel loved, supported and if you are treated like a princess by your partner without any obligations to “return” the favor, then you are ready for sure. With a loved person you will feel matured, confident and ready to take up any life challenges and succumb to difficult obstacles together.

You will honestly love yourself

Marriage represents a fairy-tale-like ending to a perfect love story. It is a wonderful commitment that binds two people who are happy together. If you are happy the way he makes you feel, if you are satisfied with your looks if you are happy with your partner no matter where you go or what you do, then there is no doubt that you are ready for the “big” step. When you feel happy with yourself, and love how he makes you feel, symbolizing your love in Holy matrimony is only a cherry on the top.

You won’t be able to imagine a day without him

The future is unpredictable. If you feel that you don’t see yourself with your partner in it, then you might as well end the relationship. However, whenever you think about the future and your partner is in it, then you can know that you are meant to be with each other. Plus, if you don’t dwell about the past and not reminisce of the days you used to have, but rather envision family vacation with your loved partner, then you know that it is the time for the “I do’s”.

Stable financial situation, job satisfaction, nice apartment are all only a plus, but not vital. For a healthy and stable marriage, you only need to respect and love one another.