How to keep your child safe on the internet in 2022


In this digital era, it’s no gain saying that parenting is becoming more complex than it was before the advent of technology. The rapid growth in technology present some modern and difficult challenges for parents to bear. This is because it is now the parents’ responsibility to protect their children from the dangers of internet regularly. 

However, many kids are tech-savvy growing up in the digital age to outshine their parents which as a result has caused them to rely more on their devices than the generations preceding them.

Yet, the importance of parental controls on digital devices cannot be overstated. For instance, with the usage of technological devices, children might encounter potential dangers like being exposed to explicit content they are too young to interpret properly, or interacting with dangerous people, cyberbullying, identity theft, and overexposure to digital blue light. 

Luckily, along with the advancements in technology there have also been advancements in ways to protect children online and tools to protect them from the harmful effects of blue light.

This is why it is important to see the list of parental control and time limits on digital devices that we have put together for you and you should use them until your children are mature enough to handle the responsibility on their own.

Benefits of tracking your child’s locations

Interestingly, there are many benefits of parental control on your kids’ digital devices. Like you might have guessed, it serves the purpose of protecting your children from harmful content and the first step in setting up these controls should be to make sure children and teens understand their purpose. Parental controls can:

Things to do to keep your child safe include;

Protect your child’s phone from hackers

Hack your child’s WhatsApp to know what he is up to

Track your child’s phone

Hack child’s Snapchat

Spy on Facebook

Hack his Instagram to ensure he only communicates with the right people

Restrict unnecessary pop ups on their phone by removing pop up notifications 

Limit Cyberbullying and Sexting

No doubt, smartphones and the internet have made children more vulnerable to the effects of cyberbullying, sexting, and peer pressure amongst others through social media. With parental control, it helps you to easily track conversations and contents across text messages, call records, photos and many more and doing this will help you protect your children from bullying, predation and abuse.

Limit Screen Time

This is one of the many effective ways and tools to help protect your children from the negative effects of screens as it assists in limiting their screen time. By parental control, it helps you to track device usage and schedule time to lock devices so they aren’t being used excessively.

Time Restrictions

Alongside parental control, having time restrictions too on digital devices is just as important. Digital screens are known to emit digital blue light, which is a high energy wavelength on the visible light spectrum. 

This feature has the ability to emit digital eye strain, burnout, eye fatigue, disrupted patterns amongst others. This is because the high-energy wavelength stimulates the eye and mind, similar to the natural blue light that is emitted from the sun.