How to Help Your Cat and Dog to Get Along


Will a cat and dog get along in your house? Will they ever get along? How much time is needed, and which rules to follow to prevent animals from fighting? If you ever got those questions, this article is a must!

The union of a cat and dog can either turn out to be very nice and friendly or turn into a real feud. The biggest danger is that the pets will both be jealous of you. 

General advice

If an adult pet already lives in the house, you can make peace between them by adhering to the following rules. Consider that animals of different sexes are more likely to become friends with each other. Before your two pets ever meet, think about buying insurance here for both, because you genuinely cannot predict how the first meeting will end. It is better to feed pets in different rooms. If this is not possible, then put the cat’s bowl as high as possible so that the dog can’t get to it. Having eaten their portion, they will undoubtedly go to the cat’s bowl, hoping to feast on there too. If the cat is fed up (and they usually do not eat everything at once and go to their bowl during the day), this behavior of the apartment’s neighbor will be hostile. Unlike dogs, cats are offended when someone attacks their food

If the cat began to lay on your arms or climb into your arms, and the dog at that moment is nearby and sees how you are stroking the kitty, pay attention to the second four-legged one. If you ignore the second pet at this moment, the animal has a grudge and a desire to evict the competitor. Do not scold for hissing and roaring. At first, closely monitor both tetrapods and check how they behave while remaining in the room with each other. If you see a cat hissing at a dog or, conversely, a cat growls and grins, do not swear and do not raise your voice. Come and calmly solve the situation.

In those moments, when animals will express friendliness and will come to smell each other, sit next to each other or begin to flirt, praise, and encourage them with a treat.

First meeting

Extreme care must be taken at the first meeting of an adult dog and a small kitten. If you are not holding a new pet in your arms, you should monitor what is happening during all contact. The dog will likely try to make friends with the new tenant. This can be understood by waving the tail and peeking with interest. This reaction will be incomprehensible to the kitten. Instinctively he will try to clutch his claws into the attacking muzzle. But another response is possible – it will start to run away, and the hunting instinct will work for the dog, and he will begin the pursuit.

When the animals met, it is necessary to make sure that none of them have a feeling of jealousy. Discipline and proper education will make four-legged pets the best friends. We advise you to adhere to some rules:

  • Never feed a dog and cat from the same bowl. Both of them must have their dishes, as well as a specially designated place for a meal. Over time, they will start to eat from one bowl on their own.
  • Each pet should have a separate place to sleep. If the dog is not allowed on the bed, then the cat cannot violate this rule either.
  • Never beat your animals, as this can cause aggression. Besides, this behavior is exceptionally inhumane towards the smallest members of your family.

If you have not yet got a second pet, but you observe aggressive behavior in your four-legged pet, we recommend that you think twice about whether it is worth introducing another animal into your family.

Most importantly, do not forget that both animals should feel your care equally. Love and patience will help you reconcile two different, but such beloved pets.