Hack WhatsApp account with just number?

Looking for an easy way to hack someones WhatsApp messages with just their number and without detection? Click here now. The basis for a good marriage is trust; however, so many people have been stabbed in the back just because they chose to trust their partners. You do not have to be a victim of this. With FlexiSpy and other spy apps mentioned in this article, you can monitor the social media activities of your spouse and protect yourself from the great heartbreak that accompanies being cheated on. Cheating is now a common phenomenon. People think they can conveniently cheat on their partners on WhatsApp and never be caught. people go as far as using another identity and presenting themselves as a different person online. If you suspect that your spouse is posing to be who he or she s not on WhatsApp, then you need to monitor his or her WhatsApp account with the spy apps mentioned in this article.


Before choosing the spy app to use, some factors need to be considered. To start with, you need to ensure that the spy app you are willing to use contains all the features you 

desire. If you want to hack his messages, group chats, and also listen to his WhatsApp calls, you need to ensure that the spy app you are choosing can do all these.


 In addition to this, you need to confirm if you need to subscribe to a plan to be able to use the app. Some spy apps require a subscription before they can be used while some offer a free trial version. This would give you the chance to prepare properly for the requirements of the application. Furthermore, ensure that your browser is compatible with the spy app you want to use. Some applications do not function well on some browsers while some browsers require an upgrade before they can be used. You need to confirm if your browser can be used for the application or you need to download a compatible one.


FlexiSpy is a great application to monitor the WhatsApp activities of your partner. With FlexiSpy, you would be able to view photos, stickers, and emojis, as well as video clips and audio messages. This application also helps you to access collected data immediately from your FlexiSPY online portal or the app’s unique mobile portal viewer app. 

You can monitor all digital and audio communications on Android and iPhone with Flexispy. On a PC or Mac, you may also keep track of everything that happens. This software provides the most monitoring features of any product on the market. With the app’s easy Remote Installation Service, you may use Flexispy to monitor a WhatsApp account without having to hold the target device in your hands. Isn’t it amazing that Flexispy also has a FREE Mobile Viewer App for Android and iPhone?

To use FlexiSpy follow the steps below

Step 1: Confirm if the target device can be tracked by FlexiSpy. Some devices need to be modified before they can be tracked. if there is a setting required on the target device before you can use FlexiSpy to monitor the WhatsApp activities on that device.

Step 2: Go to the application’s official page to download the application on the device if you have to.

Step 3: The process of collecting the data unto the online dashboard may take up to an hour 

Step 4: After that, you can then go to your FlexiSpy dashboard to view the data

Step 5: Log in to the FlexiSpy Portal 

Step 6: Click the Messages tab

Step 7:  Click on IM, and finally the WhatsApp.

Step 6: After doing that, all Flexi-captured WhatsApp chats will be listed for you to review.

How to hack someone’s WhatsApp remotely using chrome

This is with no doubt one of the easiest ways one can hack WhatsApp. To hack WhatsApp using chrome, all you need to do is go to the WhatsApp web website and scan the bar code of the target’s WhatsApp account. 

Procedure to hack WhatsApp using chrome

Open the Whatsapp account of target

Right-click on the 3 dots on the upper right of the WhatsApp screen Click on settings

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After, clicking on settings, you’ll see a bar code like symbol on the right top right of the WhatsApp screen

Click on the bar code symbol and the bar code will display. 

Go to WhatsApp web official website

Scan the bar code and you are hacky to go.


you can monitor any WhatsApp account regardless of distance if you are able to install flexispy on it. Employers can monitor communications between employees and outside parties by installing our WhatsApp tracker tool on company phones. This is critical for ensuring that company property is not used for commercial reasons and catching the employee before the unauthorized disburse of information begins. Some employees intentionally leak clients’ information to either get back at their boss or because they have been paid to do so. As an employer, you must monitor your employees’ activities and ensure that no one is putting your business in a dangerous position. Some employees also misuse the customers’ information they are privileged to access and use these details to scam the customers and even steal from them. 

To monitor the WhatsApp activities of your employee to protect your organization and customers, you can set keyword alerts to keep track of which media assets are being shared. By doing this, you can also intervene if you notice any inappropriate behavior or data leakage. Some employees even use a different identity on WhatsApp so that they would not be caught, however with FlexiSpy, you can find out their real identity and catch them red-handed. It would be a disaster for an employee to destroy the business you have spent years of your life setting up just by disclosing sensitive information on WhatsApp. You’ve worked hard to develop your company; now let FlexiSPY help you maintain it.

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How to hack someone’s  someone’s WhatsApp in another location

Using WhatsApp web is another method of accessing someone’s WhatsApp. This method if executed properly, may give you access to WhatsApp messages but requires you have physical access to the target device to spy on or hack WhatsApp messages. Further-more, this method will not work for you make sure  unless you have physical access to the target device. You can view your husband’s WhatsApp messages on a PC or another phone.

To efficiently make use of this method, follow the steps below

  1. On your PC, go to WhatsApp web 
  2. Open Whatsapp on the target device
  3. Go to menu and click Settings, and select WhatsApp web
  4. Follo by Scanning the QR code on your computer or laptop using the phone camera of the target device as you’ll need to do this to be able to spy on WhatsApp messages.
  5. Don’t ever forget or skip  “always signed in” box.

You shouldnt have difficulty viewing your husband’s WhatsApp messages once the scan is successful.

How to hack an iPhone WhatsApp remotely

If your spouse uses an iPhone and you want to monitor his WhatsApp activities, it might not be very easy. The operating system of android devices is difficult to tamper with, unlike android devices that can be hacked easily with spy apps. However, you can use the version of mSpy that doesn’t require a jailbreak. This is a new technique that is only available on Apple devices like the iPhone. There is no need to jailbreak an Apple mobile device because no software is loaded on the device you want to hack into.

This version works by monitoring phone backups produced with iCloud, Apple’s free backup software for iPhones and other Apple devices. However, it does not provide real-time data because backup updates are used. In comparison to the full version programs, there are also fewer monitoring options, but in all, it is still a potent surveillance tool. With my, you can monitor the WhatsApp activities of anyone regardless of the type of device the person is using.

How to monitor your child’s WhatsApp remotely

Has there ever been a rime that you were concerned about who your youngster is texting? As a parent, you must want to know the kinds of people your children communicate with because the company they keep influences them a lot in so many ways. Some parents can’t get their children to open up to them about what exactly is going on in their lives, if this describes you, you should keep an eye on your WhatsApp chats. You can hack every incoming and outgoing WhatsApp message using Flexispy’s WhatsApp tracker tool, even if they have been erased. With our VoIP Call Recording function, you can also record WhatsApp calls so you can hear exactly what’s being said on an otherwise end-to-end encrypted service.

Parents must monitor WhatsApp communications as their children spend more and more time addicted to their mobile gadgets. With Flexi-hacking software, you can easily uncover who your child is chatting with, what they’re talking about, and any photos, stickers, or emojis they’re sending. The WhatsApp monitoring software is not only designed to spy on kids; instead, it’s designed to keep them from engaging in harmful activity and being or connecting with the wrong people online. 

How to hack  my husband’s WhatsApp messages

To hack your husband/wife’s WhatsApp messages, all you have to do is to download flexispy on their phone. With flexispy, husbands or wife’s can easily track them WhatsApp account of their significant other without being detected. 

How to hack wife’s whatsapp messages

Consider the previously stated whatsapp hacking methods to hack your wife’s whatsapp, otherwise, install flexispy on her device  

How to hack my girlfriend’s whatsapp

Hacking your girlfriend’s is now very easy to do. All you literally need to do is to install flexisoy whatsapp hacker on her device.

How to hack boyfriend’s whatsapp

Just like in the case of girlfriend whatsapp hacking, all you have to do is to install flexispy on your boyfriend’s phone in order to get his whatsapp messenger hacked.

How to go about hacking ones lover’s WhatsApp is a very big task faced by some people, and this is not surprising though, considering the number of people using social media and also the technology available for them to figure out their curiosity. 

Cyberbullying is a common act among young people these days. A lot of people hide under another person’s identity to bully other people on WhatsApp. This has made a lot of young people hurt and their self-esteem had been damaged. It is not easy to talk about cyberbullying; this is why it might not be easy for parents to get their kids to talk about it. With FlexiSpy, you can access your child’s social media account and find out if anyone is calling him or her names or body shaming your child on WhatsApp.

How to retrieve deleted WhatsApp messages

Flexispy is a very powerful tool for retrieving whatapp messages. This is likely though if you had previously installed flexispy on the target phone. If you plan on retrieving the WhatsApp messages that had alhacky been deleted from the phone before the installation of flexispy took place, this is most likely to be futile