How to hack an iphone without passcode & facelock


How to bypass any iphone lock pattern?

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 If your partner uses an iPhone and you are wondering how you can monitor his or her social media activities, then this article is for you. With the applications motioned in this article you can see the messages, calls and even adjust the settings of your husband’s or wife’s iPhone. All you need to do is click the link, look through the features to determine the application that would best fit your demands. After which you download the application or register on the site to get started. Some of these applications do not even require jailbreaking or rooting which makes it easier for you. Furthermore, some of these applications do not require downloading the applications themselves and the ones that need to be download can be invisible so that you can remotely track the account without being caught.

The applications you can use to hack your spouse’s mobile device include

Iphones can sometimes be tricky when trying to monitor the whereabouts of the user due to Apple’s ever evolving suite of security features and blocks. One of the best workarounds, however, is to use the new eyeZy app for IOS. 

You can simply download the app onto the phone you would like to track and within minutes you can put your mind at ease that the device will no longer go missing or hidden. The eyeZy app also includes a host of additional features for IOS users to allow them to put their phones in monitor, lock, or secure modes so that unwanted prying eyes can’t see what they have inside other apps within the phone.

How to hack an iPhone 12 Promax

iPhone 12 max is built in a highly secured way which makes it difficult to alter. The security features which includes, a passcode or even a face ID makes it difficult to hack. If the spyapp you intend to use requires you to download the application on the phone, it might be difficult. Now, the question is how do you get access to the passcode? 

With Cocospy , you can hack the iPhone 12 Promax and access all the information you need. All you need is to log in to the application, register and get started. You would be able to see what your employee does on his or her social media account and find out if your company’s sensitive information are safe or not.

Step 1

You need to create an account on Cocospy, you would need your email and password to sign up. And you might need to subscribe to the premium plan to get maximum benefits.

Step 2

Click the “start monitoring” button in your email, this button gives you access to the control panel. Then you choose the iCloud of the phone after identifying the phone.

Step 3

Choose the iPhone device you want to hack and wait till the step is completed

Step 4

Click the Stat button and you would get access to all the desired information on the iPhone device

 How to hack an iPhone 11 pro max

Apple designed iPhone 11 pro max in such a way that the security system makes them difficult for unauthorized third party to access. If your partner whom you are suspecting is cheating on you uses an iPhone 11 pro max, Coco spy is the perfect spy app for you. If your child is using an iPhone 11 pro max, cocospy can give you access to the social media activities that child is involved in on social media.

How to hack an iPhone x

iPhone x mobile devices are sets of devices that are quite difficult to hack, however, with Cocospy, you can spy on an iPhone x.

Using an iPhone x is not a problem, with Cocospy, you can still access all the information you desire on the phone.

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How to hack iPhone 13 promax

If your target device is an iPhone 13 pro max, spying on it might be such a headache but with Cocospy, you can put your mind to rest.

Regardless of the complexities of iPhone 13 promax, you can take a sneak peak at the contact details as well as the call logs.

How to unlock any iPhone without passcode

A passcode is a feature of iPhones which makes it highly secured and difficult to hack. This feature makes it impossible to hack an iPhone using most of the applications that are used to hack other phones. But, for the safety of your loved ones that use iPhone, you need to find a way to access the phone and monitor the social media activities of the target device.

To spy on an iphone without a passcode, you can use the keylogger utility on Cocospy. Keylogger is a feature on Cocospy that gives you access to the keys typed by the iPhone user, this way, you get to see the code typed in by the user and you can use this to access the phone and spy on it.

To access the keylogger, you can follow these easy steps.

Step 1

Log in to the the dashboard on your Cocospy page

Step 2

 Scroll through the selection panel on the left hand side 

step 3

Select the keylogger option

Step 4

 Check the keys typed in by the user and use the code to access the iPhone and monitor the activities on it.

How to spy on someone’s iPhone without touching it

Cocospy offers you the opportunity to monitor a person’s iPhone without you physically holding the phone. if you would like to read the messages on the iPhone, all you need to do is to sign up on Cocospy, download the application on the target device and you would be able to access the messages. It is important to know that your e mail address and password would be required and the email has to be a valid one. If you are worried about getting caught, you have nothing to worry about, this application is designed in a way that it remains invisible on the phone. So, while spying on the iPhone, the user would not know that the application is installed on the iPhone.

How to hack an iPhone without jailbreak

By spying on an iPhone with Coco spy, you do not need to jailbreak the device. You can spy on the text messages and calls on the iphone withtout any jailbreak or rooting.

How to hack an iPhone 8

To get access to the instagram activities on the iPhone 8, Cocospy is the best spy app you can use this application gives you access to the messages sent on the target account as well as the messages received. This application does not require any jailbreak or rooting which makes it easier for you to use.

How to hack my girlfriend’s iphone

People are reflections of what they feed on, the attitude your girl puts up might have been informed by a particular information she is exposed to though a social media platform. If you are curious about the information she feeds her mind with and forms her opinions based on, then you need to keep an eye on her social media activities. If you are not sure if your girl’s facebook activities, you can satisfy your curiosity with Cocospy. This spy app gives you aces to all her facebook messages without her knowing about it. So, you would be able to see the messages she goes to read privately and responds to whenever you are not there. In addition to this, Cocospy gives you access to the group messages and timestamps on the facebook account. This gives you the opportunity to know the circle of friends your girlfriend keeps and the kinds of information she is exposed to.

How to hack my boyfriend’s iPhone

Most of the guys that are involved in internet fraud do it without informing their girlfriends, but when they are caught, she might partake of the consequences. If you are a lady and you have a feeling that your boyfriend is involved in some shady deals, you can use Cocospy to spy on his iPhone and protect yourself from the looming danger if there is any.

How to hack my husband’s iPhone

If you are suspecting that your husband is having an affair and he communicates with the person on his phone, you need to monitor his iPhone with a spyapp. If he thinks that his phone cannot be tracked because it is an iPhone then he is wrong. Cocospy is a spy app that can give you access to the activities he carries out on his iPhone. All you need is hi iCloud details and you are good to go.

How to hack my EX’s iPhone 6 7 8 9 and 10

Relationships end for various reasons, some end on a mutual ground while some end badly, whichever way it ends, an ex could become a threat in the future. Even people that seem nice can become be worse after a terrible heartbreak. This is why bit is advisable to be aware of your ex’s activities if you are still in touch with him or her.

If your ex keeps disturbing you and you are wondering if he or she is actually planning to harm you or your partner, you need to be aware of the activities he or she carries out on his or her mobile device. If your ex uses an iPhone and you are wondering if it is possible to hack the iPhone, the answer is “yes”. With Cocospy, tracking your ex’s iPhone is a piece of cake. You can protect your relationship as well as protect yourself from harassments by monitoring your ex’s activities especially on their mobile device.