How to Get Real and Targeted Likes on Instagram in 2020


Being popular on Instagram in 2020 is equal to having a successful brand and a powerful influence in any given niche. Your popularity results from the quality of likes that you get. To guarantee that you get maximum visibility, they have to be real and come from your target audience. 

Getting real and targeted likes for your Instagram posts may be difficult for some users. So, instead you can get and purchase free instagram followers for your profile.

Use Local Hashtags

If there is one target audience on which you can rely, it would have to include the Instagram users in your area. The people who are closest to you will follow and like your profile out of loyalty and community support.

To get the attention of people who live in your area you need to use local hashtags on all your posts. Tag your town, your local neighborhood and what gives your brand a regional sense of belonging. This way, you increase your chances of receiving likes from Insta users in your area.

Team Up with Other Users

Another way of getting likes from your target audience is to collaborate with other users in your niche. There are users out there that have similar brands to yours. They post relevant content, and you can relate to it through your photos and videos.

Look for some of the most successful Instagram users in your niche, regardless of what that is, and ask them to pitch in on one of your projects. This easy technique will increase your visibility among their followers, and you might get the targeted likes that you want. 

Get Real Likes Instantly

The easiest way to get real and targeted likes on Instagram in 2020 is to work with social media experts like Instagrowing. These professionals use all of their expertise in the field to raise the popularity of your profile almost instantly.

This service is simple to use and comes with essential long-term benefits. All kinds of brands use it from big companies to up-and-coming influencers. It is safe, quick and a guaranteed method of building social proof.

When you apply for expert support, you get likes from authentic accounts that are active and have real profile photos. Furthermore, these likes for your Instagram posts come from accounts in your target audience, so you get to build a strong, authority brand in your niche with minimal effort.

Run Giveaway Contests

You can increase the number of likes that you get from real accounts by engaging your followers in giveaway contests. This marketing technique is fairly simple to use, and you can activate it regardless of the niche in which you activate.

Let your followers know that you are willing to give one of your products or services for free. They can enter the contest to get it by liking a specific post on your profile. This way, you ensure that you get an avalanche of likes from your target audience.

Ask Followers for Help

Your followers can provide you with a substantial amount of likes even when you don’t have anything free to offer. If you have been on Instagram for a while, you have probably amassed a considerable audience. You can rely on their help to increase the number of positive impressions on your posts.

A simple way to get more real likes is to ask your followers to share your content with their followers. It is quite likely that the people who follow them are also interested in your brand, and they will like some of your posts.

Post User-Generated Content

Last, but not least, you can receive more targeted likes from real Instagram users by posting their content on your profile. If you have a reasonable number of followers, ask them to include references to your products or services in their posts.

Next, you take the best posts that contain your brand and publish them in your feed. Tag the original posters and thank them for their contribution. The positive effect that will result from this simple tactic will surprise you. Not only will you receive likes from the users who generated the content in the first place, but from their real followers as well.