How To Get A Quick And Cheap Divorce In Oklahoma


When a marriage comes to an end, the last thing you want is to go through hell in order to get the divorce that both you and your spouse want and need. You want to get things done quickly and without any obstacles and you also want the whole process to be as cheap as possible. If you and your soon to be ex agree on almost everything and you both want to start living your lives without the other person, getting a divorce in Oklahoma can be really easy.

What if, however, you don’t agree on everything? Is there a way for you to still avoid all the expensive court procedures or do you need to get ready to pay a small fortune just because you and your spouse don’t see eye to eye on every single little thing? An uncontested divorce is definitely beneficial for both parties, as explained here, so that’s what you want to strive for.

So, even if you and your almost ex-partner agree to disagree on certain things, you can still make sure to get a quick and cheap divorce. That’s probably what you both want, so there’s the first thing you agree on. Now, the only question is how you can actually make that happen. It’s not like any one of you will change their mind about certain things after sleeping on it.

It would be great if you could do that, wouldn’t it? Agreeing on every single thing during the divorce process is the easiest way to get out of the marriage that neither of you want anymore. Still, as great as that might sound, the reality is usually a bit different and there’s usually no way that you can find a compromise about everything all on your own, especially if there are children involved. In that case, it would be best to ask a joint custody attorney for advice.

Instead of banging your head against the wall, not knowing what to do, or spending huge amounts of money on expensive court proceedings to get you out of that marriage, you should do something else. In fact, you will have to do a couple of things in order to get quickly and cheaply divorced in Oklahoma even when not agreeing with the other person about absolutely everything. Find some useful tips below on what it is that you will have to do.

Hire A Mediator Rather Sooner Than Later

There is no doubt in my mind that you will try to do everything all on your own. After all, both parties are interested in getting divorced, so there should be no trouble whatsoever, is that right? As we have already determined, that’s not exactly how things work, meaning that you are far less likely to get it quickly over with if you don’t get at least some kind of help from a third party.

I’m not talking about lawyers or going to court. I’m talking about hiring an Oklahoma Uncontested Divorce Mediation Company that can help you meet each other in the middle and figure out the best solutions for everyone at those moments when you can’t seem to find a solution yourself. Instead of getting stuck in a constant loop of you and your ex-partner probably arguing about the things you cannot compromise on, why don’t you simply let the experts handle it?

Mediation is the right step for everyone as it makes the whole divorce process much easier for everyone while also making sure that both parties are satisfied with the way things are unfolding. People usually believe that mediation is not what they need, until they come across a first problem and get stuck unable to solve it. Do me a favor and hire a mediation company from Oklahoma rather sooner than later, because it will save you a lot of time and effort.

Communicate Freely And Openly

It often happens that one party or another isn’t ready to share their thoughts and communicate openly with their ex-partner, since they are probably in fear of not getting properly understood, which could lead to arguments. Still, free and open communication is the key towards a quick and cheap unconsented divorce. This means that it is more of a requirement than a simple suggestion, especially if you want both you and your ex-spouse to be okay with the outcome of it all.

Once again, you might be more willing to communicate freely and openly when a mediator is in the room. This is because you have faith that at least one person will understand you and that they will try to explain to the other party what it is that you are trying to say, no matter how absurd it might mean to them. Plus, objectivity is the mediators’ strong side, meaning that your communication can run freely without anyone feeling like the divorce is actually heading in a direction where only one person will be satisfied.

Here are some more tips on getting quickly and easily divorced:

Put It In Writing

It goes without saying that everything you and your ex agree on should be written down. Now imagine yourself talking to the other party about a particular issue regarding your divorce and coming to a mutual verbal agreement at one point. You might feel relieved that you two have finally managed to settle the problem that’s been bothering you for quite a while and you might also be proud of how both of you handled it. Then, you wake up tomorrow and find that either you or your ex-spouse have changed your minds. Not good, huh?

Well, putting things in writing can help. For starters, you won’t write down anything you aren’t absolutely sure in, which means that you’ll give some things some thought before agreeing on them. Then, there’s also the question of forgetting how you handled certain issues and coming back to the written word for a reminder and, of course, don’t forget the fact that you won’t be making too much changes after everything is properly written down. Once again, a mediator can help you do this the right way and put things in writing for you.