How to get a photographic memory: mnemonic devices for memory boosting


Various strategies, tactics, and advice on how to get a photographic memory are proposed by experts in mnemonic techniques. Our brain has no limits. Of course, it is hard to calculate the exact storage for our memories that include different kinds of information. Humanity still doesn’t know how the memory size in our mind can be measured. However, there are plenty of ways to train our intellect for an ability to encode, store, and recall an unlimited amount of information. Photographic memory is a rare ability when a person can vividly keep in mind the images even after they were taken away. Such a useful and unique skill, known as eidetic memory helps to retrieve information with ideal accuracy. But our brain mechanism is so complicated that it is hard to prove that photographic memory actually exists.

There are two quite interesting issues: how many people have photographic memory and if you are not among them, how can you train it. It is suggested only a small number of people can really recall the details after scanning the place. A lot of tests were made with children and adults. They were asked to scan the visual material for some time and then it was removed from the view. The next task was to report what details they are continuing to observe in their minds. So such experiments show that photographic memory is real, and the human brain can collect, store, and recall past events using skills of visual memory.

Techniques for fast learning and memory improvement

How to have photographic memory? Well, while some argue that reproducing visual materials is an innate ability and it is impossible to develop it, there is an opinion that you can train your mind strongly to achieve a high level of memorization details after momentarily capturing visual images. Those methods include:

  •         the method of Loci, also known as a memory palace, when a person creates a set of locations in the head and associate them with information;
  •         the memory peg offers to associate words with letters or numerical rhymes;
  •         the military method with the concept of sitting in the dark room with the paper, and a person, repeatedly turning light on and off for 15 minutes, must try to remember the content of that paper in vivid detail.

The last technique causes a lot of controversies, requires practicing at least 1 month, and the effectiveness of it is not proven. The memory peg is perfect for learning new languages and long lists of new words, so it won’t work with speeches, complicated definitions, and scientific materials. Mind palace is a universal mnemonic device that can boost your brain activity and improve memory retention. Of course, a strong focus is an integral part of building a memory palace in your head. However, using a mind map is the solution to the problem of how to get a photographic memory skill.

Mind palace works with virtual reality

Adapting the mind palace tactic, which is perfect for training strong eidetic memory, to immersive virtual reality, the team of passionate creators has developed memoryOS app that can drastically improve and facilitate the memorization process increasing memory capacity in an interactive way. Using mind palace virtual implant technology, it is possible to obtain the ability to recall a scene from your mind with precise details after scanning it only once. Consider memoryOS product in case you want to get a photographic memory.