How to find good friends in college


For most of our lives, we have had the same social circle. We started out making friends in elementary school, and these friends followed for the next 12 years. Entering college can be a huge challenge for those looking for friendship. You will be forced to interact with an entirely new group of people and form relationships from the ground up. This can be a scary time for many, but luckily, everyone is in the same boat.

Making new friends is one of the common causes of concern among college freshmen. This is a time of starting over, and finding good friends that you can spend time with may feel like a task that will be impossible. You can find some great essays about friends that can be useful for people who need help with finding friends. These free essays on friends and relationships can help prepare for this shift in your social life. One thing to remember is that your group of friends will continue changing throughout life, so making new connections and leaving behind old ones is not always as scary as it seems.

If you are heading off to college and are worried about how to make friends and finding social engagement, here are some great tips that can be of use for any student entering a new environment.

Making New Friend: The Keys

Arriving at a university and feeling like you will never make friends is a common experience for all freshmen. It is absolutely natural and is a cycle that we all go through. You will find you have to go through a few different groups before you find people that provide a comfortable and safe space. One of the ways to meet new friends for students is by setting reasonable goals. You will not become besties with a roommate in a single day. It is essential to allow time to get to know different people in dorms or on campus. It took years to build your friendships at home, and this will be no different.Entering a different environment and being exposed to new people is definitely uncomfortable. Even though it may feel off, that feeling is a good thing. 

You have to put yourself in uncomfortable situations to meet new people, either in a college class or around campus. These uneasy feelings are hard to deal with at first, but they will help you grow as an individual while bridging gaps towards some great friendships.

Where to Seek Out New Friends

You will find there are many exciting places on and around campus that will provide the opportunity to meet new people and develop a good relationship. If you want to find those lasting friendships, you need to venture outside of the dorm. Some great places to meet up with new people include orientations, campus events, campus groups and organizations, local coffee shops or restaurants, internships, and part-time jobs.

Tips for the Shy

Not every person is outgoing and can talk with new people easily. For introverted students, the task of finding new college friends can be a rough ride. The idea of meeting new people is often overwhelming and can trigger stress and anxiety. College is one of the best places for a shy individual to meet people and make new friends. 

These students will have to set personal goals and try approaching. Shy people are urged to talk with at least one new person every day. This will help build confidence and may even pave the road to a lasting friendship. It is also important for introverted students to make eye contact when communicating. Instead of escaping into your own thoughts, make eye contact with someone to show that you are approachable. 

Unfortunately, many shy people make excuses as to why they don’t go out or meet new people. It can be a stressful situation, but by challenging yourself and having a balance between social life and your education, you can find special people and start friendships that may last a lifetime.