How to find a reliable casino in 2022 – an overview of the selection


Gaming casinos are special portals that offer players the opportunity to play gambling games from the comfort of their homes, and are thus an ideal addition to brick-and-mortar casinos that have existed for centuries. Online casinos, on the other hand, are a modern affair that emerged especially with the boom in internet connection and modern technology with the advent of the modern century. Since then, they have continued to expand and gain popularity – today, thanks to this, there are dozens of gaming portals and new casinos are still being created. Their selection is therefore important and must be careful. iFortuna is just the casino you need.

License as a start

The first step in choosing is whether the casino has a gaming license. In no case is it recommended to play through a casino that does not have this permission from the regulatory authority. The license is usually granted by the regulatory authority, which is subject to the supervision of the gaming environment of the given license. For example, in the Czech Republic this supervision is state-owned and the license is granted by the Ministry of Finance, it also works similarly in Great Britain or Sweden. Conversely, Malta or Curacao have private companies that provide casino licenses for international gaming portals. 

Availability for Czech players

In cases where a player chooses an international casino, it is important to remember that the portal may not be licensed to provide its services in all jurisdictions. In advance, it is therefore important to focus on whether Czech players can register at the selected casino or not. Although in some cases there are mirror sites or it is possible to use VPN networks, this procedure is not recommended for security reasons.

Payment methods

Next are the payment methods, it is important to find out whether it is possible to deposit and withdraw funds at the selected gaming casino using safe payment methods that are also available for Czech players. This is also related to what kind of underlying currencies the casino provides. For example, if the underlying currency of the bank account from which the player sends or withdraws their funds with the gaming casino differs, then currency conversion fees may be incurred, which may be quite high for some transfers. However, the player can avoid this, for example, by using a payment method that is set to the same currency, in European gaming casinos it is mainly euros or US dollars. The most commonly available payment methods include payment cards, bank transfers, internet wallets, prepaid cards, but today also cryptocurrencies.

Game catalog and its chances

Another important indicator of reliability is the offer itself, which players can use for their bets. It’s not just about what kind of games and from which game providers you can find at the casino, but also what their return is. This is especially true for a selection of slot machines, which always have a certain percentage value of return, the so-called RTP. The higher the % of this indicator, the greater the player’s chance of returning his placed bets.

Bonus offers

An online casino today cannot do without bonus offers, and this includes, for example, welcome packages, deposit bonuses or free spins for use on selected gaming machines. However, it is also true for each casino that each bonus has its own specific conditions and that not every offer can really be as advantageous as it may seem from the promo offer at first glance. It is therefore important to check all the conditions and rules that must be met for the withdrawal of funds, but also for the possibility of drawing the bonus.

Customer support

The last point is then the customer support and the help center, which will serve mainly novice players, but also in case of any possible technical problem that may occasionally occur with the games. Customer support should be available through multiple channels and willing to help answer any question or solve any problem.