How to Enjoy Cannabis Edibles Safely – and Legally


It’s becoming more and more acceptable to use cannabis products to relieve the symptoms of a physical illness or injury. Cannabis is also used to manage mental issues like stress, anxiety and depression. Regardless the reason for consuming edibles, you need to make sure you’re getting quality and safe products, taking correct dosages, and that cannabis is indeed legal where you live.

Let’s explore ways you can enjoy cannabis edibles safely and legally.  

1. Talk to Your Doctor

The medical industry is becoming more open-minded about using marijuana for medicinal purposes. After all, there are several ailments that cannabis is excellent for treating. These include, but aren’t limited to: 

  • Cancer
  • Chronic pain
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Multiple sclerosis

If you’re interested in trying cannabis products like Delta 8 gummies to manage illness or injuries, it’s essential to discuss doing so with your doctor first. Your medical provider will be able to advise whether cannabis is an appropriate treatment for your condition. They can also help you select the right product and dosage for your needs. 

At the moment, laws are quite strict in Charlotte, NC regarding cannabis use; however, a Compassionate Care Act is currently under review for this area. Otherwise, there are 36 states in the US that allow for the medicinal use of marijuana. If you live in one of these states, you may be able to get a recommendation for the use of the substance from your doctor. You may also be able to get out-of-state access to cannabis for medical reasons if you qualify as a patient. 

2. Research the Legalities

It’s crucial to keep in mind that the recreational use of marijuana is still illegal in many regions. Currently,16 US states, two territories, as well as the District of Columbia, allow recreational cannabis product use.

Cannabis is still illegal at a federal level. It’s still rated a Schedule I substance as per the Controlled Substances Act (CSA), which places it alongside drugs like heroin. The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) holds the view that Schedule I substances have a high potential for abuse and that such substances are not accepted for medical purposes. 

Medicinal cannabis sales are illegal in North Carolina at the moment, though this could change next year. So, qualified patients must get permission to buy it in a state which allows out-of-state patients. There is much debate around this stance and attempts to alter it, especially by those who have observed the medicinal benefits of cannabis. Make sure you know the current state laws regarding the use of marijuana in your area to limit any issues. 

3. Buy Safe Products

While an overdose of cannabis is not lethal, you may experience some side effects. This could frighten first-time users off a product that can help them enormously with their condition. That’s why it’s important to buy products from licensed dispensaries. These outlets must have their products tested for strength and safety in state-accredited labs to be approved to sell their products.

Approved products will be more standardized and therefore have more trustworthy dosage recommendations. Taking the prescribed dosage will help make sure you don’t have an intensive reaction. Be sure to only buy cannabis products from licensed and credible dispensaries. 

Cannabis products from unlicensed suppliers can be contaminated. They may contain traces of pesticides, fungi, mold, bacteria, formaldehyde, heavy metals, and other substances that can pose severe health risks. 

Some Final Thoughts

Edible marijuana products can offer significant benefits, such as reducing the symptoms of illness or injury. Just like pharmaceutical products, users can experience side effects with cannabis. So, it’s important to get a recommendation from your doctor and use products from licensed suppliers. 

Remember that in some states it is still illegal to use cannabis products, so be sure to do your research on this before giving it a try.