How to Choose the Perfect Wooden Gift – Ultimate Guide


Wooden gifts are making a comeback. Consumers are tired of low-quality products that break easily or are found in tens of thousands of homes. There’s something nice about a unique gift that no one else has.

Companies like TESLYAR are offering handmade products that are one-of-a-kind.

When something is handmade, even if the same pattern or materials are used, it’s always a little different. The grain of the wood or the finish may be slightly different, which ensures that no two products are 100% identical.

If you’re new to the wooden gift trend or want to know why people are choosing wooden gifts over other materials, this guide will help answer these questions for you.

Why are handmade wooden gifts popular today?

Handmade wooden gifts are popular today because they are unique and show the time and care that went into making them. Mass manufacturing has led to thousands of identical items being sold with the exact same build.

There’s no uniqueness.

And while wooden gift ideas may be more expensive than their non-handmade counterparts, they tend to have a lot of benefits.

Benefits of Handmade, Wooden Gifts

A few of the benefits include:

  • Multiple options for teens and adults
  • Buy a wooden gift for him or her
  • Wood tends to be more durable
  • Wooden gifts are long-lasting
  • Give someone something truly unique

If you find a high-end manufacturer that pays attention to detail, offers a guarantee and backs their product, you’ll often find that their goods are worth buying.

But choosing the right gift can be a challenge.

Choosing the best wooden gifts

If you’re looking for wooden gift ideas, you’ll find that there are a ton of options to choose from. You’ll want to take the following into consideration:

  • What does the person like?
  • How old is the person receiving the gift?
  • What items does the person need?

Oftentimes, the best gifts are those that the person really needs. For example, let’s assume that the person is going to law school. You might consider handcrafted wooden pens that look fancy and offer a long-lasting pen that is as unique as it is beautiful.

If you need a few ideas on what wood gift to give someone, consider the following gift ideas:

  • Mugs. Wooden mugs look rustic and provide a great centerpiece for discussion. These mugs are unique and stylish, but they should have an interior that is not wood. Why? Wood is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria.
  • Organizers. Does the person work at a desk? A wooden desk organizer is a timeless gift that can hold almost anything, from glasses and smartphones to watches, pens and other items.
  • Charging station. Organizers and wooden charging stations offer space for all of your smartphones and electronics in a fancy desktop station.
  • Shelves. Organization is something a lot of people struggle with, but wooden shelves allow you to easily eep your items neat and organized even in small spaces.
  • Furniture. A plethora of wooden furniture items can be purchased, from end tables to coffee tables, chairs and much more.
  • Kitchen. Multiple kitchen options are available, including spoon and spatula sets, serving boards, cutting boards and much more.
  • Toys. Wooden toys are a great gift option because they’re highly durable and offer smooth edges that pose less of a safety hazard to children.

These wooden gift options are just some of the items that you can purchase. Manufacturers are always coming out with their own, unique items that are functional and beautiful. You just need to know where to buy these items to view the manufacturer’s selection for yourself.

Where to buy a wooden gift?

If you’re looking for a unique wooden gift, you can choose a manufacturer like TESLYAR that handmakes all of their items. When choosing a retailer to purchase from, be sure that the manufacturer:

  • Is well-rated and reviewed
  • Handcrafts all of their items
  • Uses sustainable woods and products
  • Guarantee a unique, original product

A lot of these manufacturers are offering worldwide shipping and online ordering. 

If you follow the recommendations above, you’ll be sure to find a unique wooden gift that the receiver will love. Just be sure to do your research on the seller to ensure that they’re a reputable company.