How to choose daycare in Ditmas park


It’s not a secret that nowadays a lot of parents struggle to combine their work with child caring. That’s why they apply to various daycare facilities to simplify their curriculum. However, childcare service today becomes something more than just a place where children can play during the day. Daycare Ditmas park sets the goal to develop and entertain the little ones as long as they have more chances to progress being so young. Every institution has its pros and cons. While browsing countless different centers it may become a real challenge to make a choice. Here is some advice on how to make a final decision.

Hallmarks of a good childcare service

  • Regular parent communication. Daycare in Ditmas park has uploaded a special app, where parents are able to change registration information, receive updates on future events, get photos and videos of their children, and also chat with the head teacher and care provider to be in course of the kid’s behavior and studying progress. The staff is interested in communicating with parents both personally and digitally. The service may rarely send emails with useful information about child’s development and education.
  • STEM PROGRAM. Daycare 18th st curriculum includes different subjects, such as technology, science, math, engineering.  Through the use of this technology children are encouraged to learn by modeling and projecting. It’s aim is to teach children all serious disciplines in a new and extraordinary way. Thus, kids are interested not simply in learning formulas, but also in the practical part of the studying. They start loving these subjects from the early years before school, when other kids may be in the dark concerning such topics.  
  • Qualified teachers. It’s obligatory for a provider to have a working experience of 5 years. Ditmas park daycare provides a high-standard staff, who have to go through a serious interview, origin check and training. Only then they can work. Their job combines psychological methods together with state laws of pedagogics to succeed.
  • Reading lessons. Reading is a crucial part of a child’s development which improves their communicative skills and understanding. Moreover, during literature classes they train their drama mastery, using social, emotional and psychological  skills. Early reading lessons help the little ones adjust to the future school environment.
  • Recommendable menu, providing breakfast, two snacks and lunch. Nutrition is a foundation of a child’s organism. Therefore, chefs of daycare Ditmas Park prepare only fresh and healthy food. Products come from the best local sellers. All of them are totally expected to guarantee that kids will receive the daily norm of vitamins and proteins.

Come and join

With the help of these items your child will explore, develop and entertain in the most pleasant and cozy environment. Through the use of learning technologies and moduled activities professionals of daycare Ditmas park will make your young ones improve both mentally and physically.

Their mission is to encourage children’s progress and independence through the combination of studying and playing. So, if you share these ideas, come and join this wonderful atmosphere.