How to Choose a Photobook Maker


A photobook can take your holiday or every day photos and turn them into a professionally looking book of pictures. To make the best photobook you will have to use the best photo book maker.

There are dozens of sites online where you can make a photobook to either send digitally or print into physical form. It makes it quite difficult to select a photobook maker to use.

The following are things you should consider to help you make the right choice:

Range of Services

A site that offers photobook making services should offer many different services. The more services they can perform the better, as it assures you that they will come through with the services you need.

There should be a wide variety of options as far as the book’s paper types, layouts, and formats. That way you are allowed to be as creative as you desire when creating your photobook.

A service might be limited to a certain size which is a huge red flag. You want a photo book maker who can perform their services on any size of photobook. That includes printing, binding, and customization.

Creative Control

You also want a photobook maker that gives you as much creative control as you need. The features and range of services will allude to the amount of creative control that is possible for you to have.

The more flexible and versatile the photobook maker is, the better the photobook that you can produce. You will most likely make a lot of changes when designing and creating your photobook, so a photobook maker should accommodate any changes you might want.

It should be as easy as possible for you to change designs as well as rectify mistakes. The site should have adequate features to accommodate all of your design specifications.


When selecting a photo book maker, you should choose one that you can hold accountable in case of any mishaps. Such disputes should be able to be resolved quickly and without going to court.

Printing issues come up occasionally. Issues that can arise include printing too little or excess pages, lack of inventory, and delivery issues.

When such issues arise, you want to be able to have the ability to hold the photo book maker accountable for their actions and receive your due diligence.


Finally, you will have to consider the cost of printing or making photobooks with a certain maker. It is especially important to consider the cost if you are printing the book yourself so as to sell to others.

A good photo book maker will charge you for each page in the book. Though a difference of a dollar a page may not seem like much, when printing a thousand books with a hundred pages each, it becomes a serious issue.

You should always go for affordability of the photobook. However, never spare expenses at the cost of quality or you will regret it.