How to Become an Online Notary


Becoming a Remote Online Notary (RON) is a lucrative career option with the potential to earn an average salary of $39,000 per year. This figure translates into $20 per hour. As an entry-level notary, you can expect to make  $33,595 per year, but as your experience and skills improve, this figure could increase to $159,656 per year. Getting certification to act as a notary is a simple process, though the process depends on the regulations of the particular state where you live and intend to work. 

Qualifying to Become an Online Notary

When you search around for information about how to become an online notary, you’ll learn that the basic qualifying criteria are that you should be at least 18 years of age and should reside in the state where you’ll provide notarial services. Further, you should not have any felony convictions. As for training, that again depends on the state where you live. 

Florida requires candidates to complete a two-hour training course in person or online. On the other hand, Virginia does not require special training. States like Montana, Ohio, and Nevada require that candidates should pass a test to acquire accreditation. This test covers knowledge of the notarial procedures and how to use the appropriate technology to notarize documents online. Once you pass the test, you’ll get certification as an authorized notary. 

Applying to Become a Digital Notary

If you meet the qualifying criteria, you can apply or register online to become a notary. You’ll pay the applicable fee and complete the training course as outlined by the state regulations. Next, you must acquire online notary tools like an eSeal and digital certificate. You must also have the necessary equipment such as a computer, webcam, and microphone. Make sure you have a two-way audio and visual communication system compliant with your state laws for communicating with clients. A secure internet connection along with an electronic journal for keeping a detailed record of the notarizations you perform are other essentials.

Connect with a State-Approved Vendor

You’ll now sign up with a state-approved platform that connects you to clients requiring notarization. Not only do the platforms connect you with potential clients, but they also offer several other services to support your online notary career. Of course, you can also sign up with sites like Higher Hire to connect with a broader client base. Using their advanced software, you can converse with clients, check the identification they provide, and affix the official electronic signature and stamp. 

Anyone needing to certify official documents such as property sale deeds, employment contracts, insurance settlements, and wills can use the services of the notary. The entire notarial procedure is completed online without the need to travel to meet clients. You’ll also receive the notarial fee right away.

Becoming an online notary is a simple procedure. Once you acquire the accreditation, you can provide notary service full-time or develop an alternative source of income aside from your primary job.