How to become a professional streamer?


Have you ever imagined becoming a professional streamer? You might think that you won’t be able to make enough money or be worried that you’re not good enough to make it pro. Here we run through exactly how you can become a professional gamer.

What exactly is a professional gamer?

A professional gamer is a competitive player who gets paid for playing video games full-time. Increasing in its popularity with the increased costs of living around the word and more people than ever looking to find ways to save money in the winter, becoming a professional can help earn the money you need. Professional players usually get paid by teams or sponsors and compete in esports tournaments worldwide. Many of these tournaments give winners substantial cash rewards, which make up a significant part of an experienced gamer’s earnings.

What is a professional streamer?

There are a few differences between a gamer and a streamer. A streamer live streams gameplay content online and primarily makes money from donations, content members and paid adverts. and are examples of online streaming platforms that enable players to stream live gameplay to viewers worldwide. They allow the audiences to interact in real-time with the streamer and support the player through donations. 

What skills do you need to be a professional gamer/streamer?

To become a gamer, there are specific skills you’ll need to have. These include skilled hand-eye coordination and sharp reflexes, and extensive knowledge of the game you play. 

How to improve your skills

You can sharpen these skills by training rigorously and practising every day, but you must be motivated!

If you’re reading this, you’re probably considering the possibility of becoming a pro gamer. But thinking about it casually is not enough; you have to make sure you are motivated enough to put in the work! Most professional gamers spend around 12 hours per day practicing and improving their gaming skills.

Why to become a professional gamer

Make sure you want to go pro for the right reasons. A love of the game, competition, and the satisfaction of improving are all solid reasons to play.

You shouldn’t be motivated solely by money or fame. Truly loving the game will make it easier to keep up daily practice and commitment. 

How to pick your game

The next step is to decide on your game. There may be a lot of games that you enjoy but make sure to choose one that you’re ready to spend a lot of time with! You should try several different games and choose the one you love the most. 

You might also consider whether the game is well-established and already has infrastructure and resources in place to support a pro gaming career. Well-established have more opportunities for sponsored tournaments where you may be able to win lucrative prizes.

On the other hand, an up-and-coming game may have more room for newcomers to thrive. 

What equipment do you need?

If you want to go pro, be sure you’re playing on the right equipment. Start with a good gaming mouse and mechanical keyboard. There are many possibilities for peripherals ranging in size, form factor, and sensitivity. But remember to be consistent with the equipment and hardware that you practice with. Also, you should avoid getting into debt to pay for your streaming equipment. Rather, save up and then buy what you need.

How to join the gamer community

Gaming culture is just as important as your skill when it comes to becoming a pro gamer. Engaging in a game’s scene is necessary to advance your career. Forums are one helpful place where players meet. Check out discussions on message boards, forums, and YouTube channels and stay active on Discord servers, subreddits, and Steam groups. The community can also be a solid motivation to stay invested in a game.

Networking and making connections will help get you noticed in the professional community. Building relationships with more skilled players can get you invites to private Discord channels, where you might get seen by a pro organisation. If you’re good enough, a team will probably find you! But, you can also try out for teams.