How to Avoid Losing Real Money While Playing Pokie Games


Profits and losses are inevitable in life. The same is the case with online gambling. You win on some occasions, while you lose in some cases.

However, in ‘some cases,’ these losses are avoidable. Let’s consider the all-time favourite casino game — pokies. Aspects like opting for bonuses, playing with frequent payouts, and proper pokies research can prevent losses at real money pokie games.

The worldwide adult gambling losses are huge. Hence, it is beneficial for every punter to understand some points to avoid losing money at games.

This article focuses on slot machines, prominently known as pokies. Punters can note crucial points that can minimise some real money losses.

Benefits of Pokies

Pokies is an Aussie and Kiwi slang for slot machines. In England, they are popularly known as fruit machines.

The in-built programme of a pokie game generates various random possibilities. These possibilities, together, create outcomes that lead to possible rewards.

Online pokies have been popular gambling options for gamblers worldwide. These factors make pokies a beloved gambling activity.

  • Ease of play
  • Variety of games
  • The potential of free online slots
  • Accessibility
  • Bonus features
  • Affordable than table games

Moreover, real money pokies offer decent ‘return to player’ (RTP), making them a popular choice for online gamblers.

Why Are Real Money Pokies So Popular?

Online casinos offer various gaming options to gamblers. Here are some famous choices.

  • Table games
  • Slot games
  • Jackpots
  • Sports Betting

Amongst all these choices, slot games or pokies have certain USPs that make them lucrative for real money players.

Easy to Play

You will agree that gambling provides extreme fun. Beginners often admire games that are quick to understand.

Pokies are one such category that offers a fair chance and several easy-to-understand instructions for gamblers.

So, the simplicity adds to the rising popularity of pokies.

Technology Support

Slot machines are fun. However, they are even more fun when adding the ‘convenience’ factor.

Due to the impact of the internet and sophisticated gadgets, slot games are now easily accessible. Hence, mobile slot games have become a quick way to enjoy real money pokies.  

In a nutshell, these two factors have made slots a hugely popular game across the globe.

How to Manage Pokie Games for Real Money

Winning fabulous prizes on real money pokies is the aim of almost every punter. Slot games are indeed based on luck.

However, with the right tricks, you can increase the chances of winning big in pokie games.

Choose the Right Online Casino

Australia or New Zealand, choosing the best online casino is vital to maximising profits. You must select an online casino that offers real money pokies with the following features.

  • Comfortable payment options
  • Legal licensing
  • Local currency
  • Bonuses
  • Wagering requirement
  • Free spins
  • RTP rate

You can avoid losing money at games with a reputable casino platform with the above factors. Such casinos allow more options to gamblers for minimising their losses.

Keep an Eye on the Technicalities

Slot games or pokies can provide good prizes if you choose them correctly. You can increase your winning stakes by paying attention to technical aspects.

  • Jackpots
  • Pay lines
  • Size of pokies’ pot

In short, aim for a pokie game with small jackpots and research about pay lines. Ensure the number of pay lines to get a head start on profitability.

Check Out the Pokie Bonuses

Bonuses like free spins and jackpots improve your likelihood of winning real money through these games.

At this time, online casino platforms offer a wide range of free spins for new and existing players.

Hence, keeping a keen eye on pokie games bonuses is beneficial.

Understand Slot Features

You can manage real money pokies by a combination of good luck and strategy. You need to stay aware of certain gambling terminologies in terms of strategy.

For instance, features like ‘wilds’ create high chances for profitable casino payouts. These symbols need to land in a specific combination for phenomenal rewards.

Here are some other slot features you should consider as a pokie game strategy.

  • Wilds
  • Scatter symbols
  • Hold
  • Bonus rounds
  • Multipliers
  • Spins
  • Nudges
  • Autoplay

The good idea is to play many slot games in a limited-duration tournament. A basic understanding of these features helps in managing pokies effectively.

Do’s and Don’ts While Playing Pokies

You can avoid losing real money with the above long-term strategy. However, to improve your stakes at winning, these do and do-not actions will prove benign.

The Do’s While Playing Pokies

Here’s a quick look at the steps you should focus on before playing a pokie game.

  • Bonuses: Always play real money pokies that offer high bonuses. In simple words, this strategy helps you improve the probability of wins.
  • Frequent Payouts: Games with smaller jackpot prices lead to more chances of winning. Hence, it’s helpful to play pokies that have consistent payouts.
  • Strategise: As mentioned earlier, you should know pay lines, bonuses, and features like multipliers while playing pokies.  

The Don’ts While Playing Pokies

Luck is a defining factor in pokies. Still, you can be wary of the following points during a pokie game.

  • Extreme Speed: Do not hurry and try to play all pokie games without thinking. These games are tempting, but you need to stay focused and aware.
  • Complex Games: Complicated pokie games have low payouts. So, you are usually better off playing slots with simple gameplay.


Here’s a quick look at the dos and don’ts.

Table: Do’s and Don’ts Comparison

The Do’s The Don’ts
Play pokies with high bonuses There is no need to rush
Explore pokie games with consistent payouts Don’t play complex games
Know your game pay-lines

Wrapping Up

It is often difficult to avoid losing money at games. The Gambling market is blooming due to it’s success at winning over players.

Pokies or slot machines are exciting ways to earn real money. While you cannot control the outcome, these tips can help prevent avoidable mistakes. So, make sure you follow these suggestions when playing real money pokies ahead.