How Introverts Can Thrive in a Post Covid World


The COVID-19 pandemic turned the spotlight on how people were coping with social distancing and stay-at-home orders. As expected, introverts who thrive in a quiet environment with little contact with the outside world fared better than their extrovert counterparts. Lockdowns taught professionals a critical lesson–that they can live and work with minimal human contact. And, they can choose from several careers for introverts, earning great salaries working independently from remote locations. If this sounds like you, here are some of those employment opportunities where you can work without being chained to a desk in a conventional office environment. 

Run a Dropshipping Business

With a computer and reliable internet connection, you could run an entire business without buying and storing inventory. All you need to do is identify a viable product range and niche customers interested in purchasing them. You can set up a website advertising your offerings and accept and complete orders online. Once customers have cleared payments, you can finalize the order. The suppliers you partner with will deliver the products directly to the clients’ doorsteps. You can earn attractive profits by setting up a pricing structure that includes applicable taxes, shipping costs, and any other added charges. Although the average dropshipping profit margin is 15% to 20%, some business owners can earn up to 300%. 

Innovate & Develop a New Product Idea

Introverts are typically intensely creative people. The time they spend alone in retrospection can help them come up with solutions to everyday problems. A good example and inspiration is Apple founder Steve Wozniak. How about tapping into your creative energies and developing a product idea that can be converted into a marketable prototype. Make sure to document the entire invention process with detailed records of every success and failure. And, when you have a prototype ready, contact an experienced IPS Legal Group Orlando to get your concepts patented.

Market Your Skills as a Professional 

Whatever the profession you worked in before the pandemic, you can continue to use your expertise to earn money from home. If you were a teacher, lawyer, doctor, accountant, psychiatrist, or therapist with the necessary credentials, you could continue helping people from the comfort of your home. Rely on the benefits of technology to connect with clients needing your services without the need for meeting them in a physical location. Turn your profession into a consultancy or coaching center, and you can continue to make money from it. 

Looking for a Career Change?

Post-COVID America is noting an interesting phenomenon. Unemployment rates are significantly higher with people quitting work to deal with personal and family commitments. Further, they are looking for better pay structures as compared to the salaries offered by companies with open job positions. As a result, many professionals are now opting for career shifts and moving to the digital marketing industry. 

This sphere has been growing rapidly in the past few years and now includes options like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), content marketing, web designing, graphic designing, and several others. The most exciting part is that you can work these jobs entirely from a remote location and get positions with global companies to earn an attractive salary. Not only can you learn on the job, but you’ll also take up courses to acquire accreditation in the particular discipline that interests you. Or, where you have talents and aptitude.

The post-COVID world is opening up a world of possibilities for introverts who can choose from an array of gainful employment opportunities and earn excellent salaries–from the comfort of their homes.