How Casinos Use Technology to Increase Experience And Security


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It is no secret that everyone loves movies in which the smooth and suave gambler (or team of gamblers) finesses a casino out of millions of dollars. We all cheered with joy as the extremely talented MIT students with a gift of statistics counted cards and swindled Vegas casinos in the movie “21” (which was based on real life events). 

We all watched in amazement as Danny Ocean and his team of eleven robbed three Vegas casinos at the same time in “Ocean’s Eleven”. The movies provided a sense of thrill and wonder, along with incredibly smooth and deceptive tricks that made them extremely enjoyable to watch.

However, movies are nothing like real life. In real life, these “heroes” of the movie actually not only cause problems for the casino, they also cause problems for you – the gambler who is just looking to have a good time at the casino.

Anti-Cheat Measures of the Past

The casino has to keep a keen eye on everyone on the gaming floor and catch the “undesirables” – the people who are cheating. This prevents the cheaters from swindling you and the casino out of their money, despite online casino gambling. For example, the safest free credit casino Singapore gives an opportunity to it’s gamblers play at home. 

Traditionally, the casinos used trained and experienced security agents to catch these undesirables. The security agents had plenty of knowledge and experience about the ways in which these undesirables cheat. Using their knowledge and experience, they could catch the cheaters in the act and remove them from the gaming floor before they could cause too much damage.

However, these agents could not pay attention to every corner of the floor at once and spot all of the cheaters. Slowly, the cheaters began to realize this and came up with increasingly discreet ways to cheat undetected.

Just when it seemed that the cheaters had taken the upper hand, modern technology came to the aid of casino security. High tech security cameras and facial recognition was able to help the agents catch the cheaters in the act and ban them from the casinos permanently.

Advanced Modern Security Cameras

Advanced security cameras are the most important tool for helping security agents catch undesirables on the gaming floor. These allowed the agents to surveil suspected cheaters, and monitor their activities closely without them even realizing that they had attracted the attention of the agents.

With advanced security cameras that have a 360-degree field of view, and incredible zooming capabilities, the agents have an easier time spotting cheaters on the gaming floor. The wide field of view enables the agents to look in all directions around the camera, so there is no blind spot that existed with traditional cameras. Additionally, the zooming capabilities enable the agents to capture the smallest of details from far away.

For example, if an agent suspects a person of using a device to mark the backs of playing cards at a table, he can watch him closely with the aid of a security camera. It doesn’t even matter if the device that the person is using is so tiny that he can conceal it in his palm – when he takes it out to mark the card, the zoom on the camera is able to see it and capture the evidence. 

Since he does not have to physically move closer to the person to observe his actions, he does not raise any suspicion that dissuades the cheater to temporarily stop. The cheater can continue with his ways, and once the agent confirms that the person is cheating, he can take appropriate measures. These may include removing the person from the premises and permanently banning them from all casinos owned by the business, depending on the severity of the crime. 


In the past, cheaters were able to swindle casinos for exorbitant amounts of money. However, with the aid of advanced technology, casino security has made it nearly impossible to cheat on the gaming floor and leave undetected.




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