How Can the Carolina Panthers Learn from Super Bowl Contenders?


Carolina Panthers FanFest” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by James Willamor

The Carolina Panthers have a lot of work to do if they are to contend for a Super Bowl anytime soon, and if they are looking around for ideas then the current Super Bowl contenders should be who they are looking at.

The best teams in the NFL are all currently competing for a Super Bowl, with the winner crowned in February. The latest Super Bowl winner odds show that the Green Bay Packers are the current favorites with odds of +380, although the Kansas City Chiefs are just behind. The Buffalo Bills and Tampa Bay Buccaneers are a bit further behind, but they are expected to challenge hard and go close.

These are the current standard setters, and teams that have the right blueprint for success. Of course, only one of them can win the Super Bowl this season, but all four have shown that they know what it takes.

So, what is it that these teams have done that the Carolina Panthers can take from them when they are building together a roster that wants to compete in the coming years?

Get a Quarterback and Then Choose a Style

Many teams are focused on playing a particular style, but this is not really what the best teams have done. These teams have instead found their quarterback for the future first, and then created a style of play that feeds into what they are good at.

Carolina Panthers Gameday” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by James Willamor

When Tampa Bay went out and signed Tom Brady as a free agent, they instantly changed style to become a team that passes the ball more than it runs. After drafting Patrick Mahomes, the Kansas City Chiefs spent all of their time and focus looking for weapons he can connect with down the field.

The Panthers need to first find a quarterback to take them forward, and then they need to back them by bringing in players to match their style. This means they are completely backing one player, but the top teams have all done this, and it has brought them success.

Don’t Forget Defense

Alongside however the Panthers decide to play, they need to ensure they do not forget about their defense. If you look at the big names, Kansas City and Green Bay, in particular, they have really improved and gone to the next level when they have brought in defensive help. This has played a big part in why the Chiefs have improved so much this season.

Winning the ball back upfield is incredibly important, and in the past, both of these teams fell short of winning because their defense has been a problem. With poor defensive play, there is more pressure on quarterbacks to shine, because they know they need to score more points to win and take time off the clock in key moments.

Of course, money needs to be balanced around the team to be able to afford everything, but balance is certainly the key. Championship teams have great quarterbacks, a style that suits, but they also have a solid defense, something the Carolina Panthers cannot overlook.