How Can Companies Put Artificial Intelligence to the Test?


Artificial intelligence, or AI, can be used by virtually any business in any industry to enhance productivity, streamline customer support and analyze data. Now that AI tools are easily accessible and affordable, businesses of all sizes are looking for ways to put this powerful technology to the test.

Here are some of the many ways you can incorporate AI into your operations.


When businesses first dive into artificial intelligence, they typically start with chatbots. It’s a simple way to start using AI, and it also helps enhance your customer service. 

Chatbots are available 24/7 to answer customer or visitor questions. Bots are available in a varying range of complexity. Advanced bots use machine learning and information from your website to answer questions or assist customers with different tasks. 

Visitors and customers like chatbots because they are available any time of the day or night (i.e. they’re convenient) and they provide immediate assistance. There’s no need to wait on hold or for an email response. Chatbots figure out a customer’s problem and use the power of AI to solve it. 

If a problem or question is too complicated for the chatbot, the issue can be escalated to the right person or team for human support.

Website Testing

Testing plays an important role in website and app development. It promotes a positive user experience and ensures that the site is functioning properly. Automated testing provides a significant advantage of manual testing due to its ability to save time and reduce errors. AI and machine learning takes test automation to the next level by eliminating routine test maintenance.

Businesses can put AI to the test by implementing this technology into the testing process. 

Manual website testing services can be paired with AI-powered automated testing to streamline and enhance the process. This allows sites and even apps to be put to market faster with fewer issues.

Automate Workloads

The goal of AI is to simplify and accelerate manual processes to save businesses time and resources. Automating workloads allows for greater efficiency and improved production among employees.

In fact, 80% of businesses say that AI improves productivity and generates more jobs.

Using the power of AI, businesses can automate:

  • Routine tasks
  • Appointment management
  • Customer service requests
  • Routes for service requests
  • Data analysis, and more

To determine whether AI can help with workload automation, sit down and create a list of redundant, non-core tasks that eat up employee time. Do some research to see if AI-driven solutions are available to streamline or automate these processes. This will save your employees time and allow them to focus their energy on important core tasks.

Data Management

Data is a valuable thing. It can help you improve all aspects of your business, from building personas to marketing, cost-cutting, customer support and improving your operations. 

AI can help you mine for data, interpret it and analyze it. You can use this information for brand building, marketing, product development and more. 

Data can give you a competitive edge, and AI tools simplify the process of gathering this important information. Businesses can also use their data to improve their products and services. Inefficiencies can be spotted, and customer feedback can be analyzed to see which areas can use improvement. 

Performance Projections

AI-powered tools can help project performance and behavior based on historical data. An AI application may be able to help predict when your brand may reach its sales goals or improve its customer support call response.

These algorithm-based projections provide a higher level of accuracy and help you save time. Calculating manual projections is a time-consuming process that’s vulnerable to human error. With AI tools, you save time and generate more precise forecasts.

Supply Chain Management 

Brands can use AI to boost the speed and efficiency of supply chain management and logistics. Companies can use AI-powered software to:

  • Manage their inventories
  • Track and manage raw materials
  • Automate ordering and deliveries when stock is running low

There are many AI tools available for supply chain management, but not all are beneficial to every business. It’s important to determine your needs first. This will help narrow your search to only the tools that will fulfill your needs – nothing more, nothing less.

Artificial intelligence will continue to grow and be adopted by businesses all over the world. As AI becomes more advanced, new tools and applications will be introduced that allow more complicated tasks and decision-making processes to be automated. 

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