How Beneficial Would the Proposed Catawba Casino be to Charlotte’s Economy?


Ever since 2013, there have been plans in place for a new mega casino in the Cleveland County region of North Carolina. In 2019, a massive boost was provided when Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham introduced a bill which would pave the way for the Catawba Indian Nation to acquire 16 acres of land near King’s Mountain. This area would be a prime spot on which to build a brand new casino resort. There is still some dispute over the land, however, and little progress has been made. If it did come to pass, it could be a major boost to the economy in the region.

The casino industry in the US has been dominated by Native Americans since the late 1970s, and now there are more than thirty states which have Native American gaming. Within this framework, however, there are numerous different tribes, and this can lead to conflict over land. With regards to the land in North Carolina on which the proposed casino will be built, the Eastern Band of the Cherokees have entered a dispute with the Catawba tribe. Both sets of peoples have roamed the land for thousands of years, and it is a grey area when it comes to whom it should rightfully belong. This is why the plans to build are taking so long to be approved.

There is already speculation as to how any new casino could affect the region, with many expecting it to be great for the local economy. It has been noted that this area is in need of a boost in terms of revenue sources. According to reports, the proposed Catawba Resort and Casino would bring more than half a billion dollars of investment and create jobs for over 4000 people. The 1,500-room hotel would obviously be a major boost to tourism, and the actual casino could attract major events such as the World Poker Tour.

At the moment, there are few options for Charlotte residents when it comes to gambling. There are only two casinos in the city and surrounding area, so a lot of people who live there turn to online casinos to find a game. There are numerous casino bonuses to make the most of when playing on the internet, including no deposit deals and free spins. The live casino links to real tables make players feel close to the action, and really bring the buzzing casino atmosphere to players in their homes. Having a mega casino to go to in the area, though, would certainly appeal to these players as well and allow them to mix things up a bit.

Whether or not the new mega casino resort near King’s Mountain will come to fruition is still unclear. But it is plain to see the benefits of a venture like this for the surrounding region. If it can be done amicably without any animosity between the two Native American tribes, this would be the best outcome.