Homework Help: How To Help Yourself Finish Fast And Learn Fast


While most students groan at the thought of doing homework, it is one of the best tools they have to finish the syllabus and learn easily. If people understood how much homework was helping them, there would be fewer complaints about doing it! Homework is like a second class, it reminds you of what you learned in class and helps to push it deep into your memory. Whether you’re learning social studies, computer science, or linear algebra, homework makes sure you don’t instantly forget things your teacher taught you. 

Homework is good because helps students study less. Homework is basically revision and makes students practice what they learned. If students do homework diligently, they will find that they’re much better prepared for exams than they thought – which is great for those last-minute starters who start cramming at the 11th hour! 

So how do you get this tedious chore done faster? 

Timing Is Key

Most students don’t even start their homework till its way past the due date. Then, its a race against the clock to finish and submit it to a usually unhappy professor. If this is what you’ve been doing all this time, then you’re like over half of students everywhere! When you first receive a homework assignment, your first step is to figure out a timeline. Your timeline should include:

  • when you will start research
  • when you will start writing
  • your expected date to finish 

It is important that you break down finishing the assignment into parts so that it doesn’t seem like a big chunk of work. Additionally, this won’t be the only piece of homework you’ll be working on. So you have to schedule this into your day, along with other coursework, submissions, extracurriculars, and homework for other classes as well. This way, you can take control of pairing a subject you find difficult, like linear algebra, with something you find easy computer science. You won’t be doing two difficult things at once, and won’t feel overwhelmed. 

Use The Right Resources 

Choosing the right kind of homework assistance is crucial to finishing your homework fast and on time. If you’re looking for online homework help to find answers to homework, then you should choose where you’re looking very carefully. For example, there might be a math problem you’re having difficulty with. YouTube has a ton of videos of people solving various types of problems. However, your professor might be teaching you in one certain way because its a required part of your coursework. If you do it in any other way, then you might not get marked for it. You should get help with your homework when you are stuck for many days and it is causing a significant impact on your schedule. There are many homework help services as well, who offer tutors, like Cambridge Online Tutors which helps with homework completion and helps better understanding of the subject matter.

College is very often the first time that students are spending time away from their families. With a world of possibilities opened up in front of you, it is easy to become distracted with having a social life, partying, and generally having fun. This is why God made friends! You need to task your friends with keeping you on track and giving you a stern talking to if you fall too far behind on your homework or coursework. 

If you’re falling behind consistently despite your best friends, ask your friends or other classmates whether they’d be willing to form a study group. Your friends can become homework helpers who will not only motivate you to finish your homework but also will keep you on schedule so that you don’t fall behind. You can even get online homework help from them over Skype if you can’t go out and are staying indoors. You can get online homework help from tutors as well. 

Set Up Your Zone Of Zen 

What is a Zone of Zen? It is a quiet, dedicated study spot. The rules of Zen are:

  • no phones allowed
  • soft instrumental music on in the background
  • no social media allowed (even on the laptop!)
  • no snacks
  • only studying allowed. Move somewhere else if you want to do other activities. 

What this does is make a space that your brain will come to associate with studying and focus. Initially, it will be difficult for your mind to completely switch off from everything else and focus on what is in front of you. But over time, you will see that having your Zone of Zen (rights reserved!) is helping you focus when you have too much going on in your life but you still need to get yourself together and hunker down to study. Keep water nearby so you’re not getting up for it multiple times. If you’re feeling peckish, take a 5-minute snack break to refresh yourself.