Homeowner’s guide to pest control – All you need to know on managing pests


You are bound to get a jittery feeling when you buy your first home and fulfill your long-lost dream of becoming a homeowner. The excitement brings with it a long list of responsibilities and new tasks. Security of your home is one of the foremost priorities of a homeowner but when it comes to keeping your home safe from uninvited intruders, you have to think of more than just installing home alarms and deadbolts. 

Regardless of whether you live amidst the country hills or in an urban area or in a posh locality, there is always a community of pests that are waiting to make your home theirs. By comprehending the manner in which pests operate, you can safeguard your biggest investment and forestall the seasonal pest issues. Though there are the best Rove pest control companies waiting to help you with pest elimination, you should be aware of things as a new homeowner. 

Green Pest control for first-time homeowners

A pest infestation can take you by surprise. In fact, doesn’t the thought of nasty insects creeping around the walls and kitchen cabinets make your skin crawl? Such a situation often provokes an individual to make wrong pest control decisions. 

We are going to share with you a few of the natural or ‘green’ pest control methods that you can try to keep your family and environment safe. Keep reading to know more. 

  • Prevention is better than cure

Yes, going by this age-old adage, it is actually necessary to take preventative steps to control pests rather than breaking your head eliminating them once they’ve already infested your house. Don’t leave standing water unattended for a long time as it becomes home to pests like mosquitoes and flies. If you have pets in your home, ensure that you give them fresh water daily. Don’t offer sources of shelter and food to insects. The garbage bin should be covered with a tight lid and make sure you clean and wash the bin every other day. 

  • Be wise about anything that you bring into your house

To add to the beauty of your home with new yard sale finds, summer is certainly the best time of the year. At the same time, this also happens to be the season of insects. In case you bring in second-hand clothing, furniture, or other items which had been lying idle in the previous homeowner’s basement or garage, you might just be welcoming unwanted pests into your home. Before introducing such furniture into your living room, do a thorough inspection for pests. 

  • DIY pest control doesn’t mean it is totally effective and safe

DIY pest control measures might be light on your pockets but they too have their downsides. In the event that your home is infested with pests, they can cause harmful diseases for both animals and humans who are co-existing with them. In fact, there are many pests that bite on animals and pets and can lead to heavy damage. So, in case you want surefire results, DIY natural methods may not always help. You may have to look for methods that are properly researched and above all, accredited by the FDA.

  • Hire experts who use eco-friendly pest control measures

If experts use pesticides correctly, they will have a nominal effect on the environment and also be safe to use in your home. Hence, when you choose a pest control company, don’t forget to ask about their eco-friendly ideas for controlling pests. 

Now that you’re aware of the pest control measures to take, are you ready to spruce up your home for a pest-free summer?