HIV Testing: Where To Get Tested


Have you had the chance to go for HIV testing yet? If not, perhaps you should make a decision soon. According to the CDC, sexually active people should get tested for HIV once a year. This does not mean that you are free of the disease if you haven’t been in a sexual relationship for a long time. You still need to get tested for HIV once you have had sexual intercourse.

So, if you think it’s high time to get tested for HIV, the first thing to pop in you mind would be, which are the best HIV testing sites? Once you do some research, you will come across plenty of options that may even confuse you! But don’t worry, as you can depend on one of the best HIV testing sites such.

There are plenty of reasons why it is the best HIV testing site you will ever come across. One of them is that their partner labs are in 4,500 locations throughout the nation! Yes, you read that right. This means that if you want to get tested for HIV, you are sure to find one of their partner labs close to you! With a team of qualified labs, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands! Not only that, but even the laboratories are well-furnished and equipped with the latest technology for producing only the best results.

If you wish to get tested for HIV on the same day of your booking, that’s possible, too! If you are wondering how that’s possible is, here’s how. Firstly, their partner labs usually stay open until late afternoon. Therefore, if you want to pay a quick visit during the day, you can. Not only that, but the partner labs are situated in almost all nooks and corners of the nation. This means that you are bound to find a partner lab near you without traveling the distance.

However, keep in mind that you can’t just plan a visit to the partner lab as you wish. Before doing so, you need to have the requisition form or code with you. Usually, you will get this code in your email immediately after your HIV testing booking is processed. Once you have it with you, you can visit the nearest partner lab and produce the code before them.

Getting tested for HIV won’t take more than ten minutes of your time. You may have to give a blood sample or an oral swab. Once the tests are done, you can expect to get back the results in one or two days. It’s that quick and simple.

When you opt for HIV testing, you are bound to come across different tests. Keep in mind that among all the tests, the HIV RNA test is the best option. With such a test, there is an assurance that the virus will be detected quickly, if any. The only difference is that you may have to shell out a few extra bucks. But this shouldn’t be a problem, considering the fact that your health and life are in play. 

If you are aged 16 or above, you are at the legal age where you can go for HIV testing without any doctor’s note or recommendation. Instead of heading straight to a clinic and waste your time in a queue, you can sit comfortably at home and place your order online by checking out the website. You don’t have to worry about information leaking out, as your details will remain confidential. Not only that, but even the tests will be conducted in a confidential manner.

When you are hesitant to go for HIV testing out of shame or time restraint, there’s a solution for that as well: an at home HIV test. Yes, you read that right! You can always order an HIV test kit, which will allow you to get tested right at home. All you need to do is follow the simple instructions to a T. Once you are done collecting the sample, you can return it to the same shipping address. It’s that convenient!

In fact, these days, most people seem to be looking for the most convenient way to get tested for HIV. This is one of the main reasons why at home HIV test is becoming even more popular. However, some concerned citizens have raised questions as to whether the results are accurate or not. You don’t have to worry, as there have been clinical studies that prove that it is accurate by 92%. This percentage should be more than enough to convince you of its accuracy. The reason is that even if you go for HIV testing in a clinic, there may be times when the result is not 100% accurate. However, this is not the fault of the doctors or lab technicians. In fact, it usually happens when people get themselves tested during the window period, the time taken by your body in producing antibodies after HIV exposure.

Therefore, doctors always recommend that you wait for some time to get tested for HIV, and not immediately after sexual intercourse. This is considering you get tested for HIV once every year. With millions of people in the US living with HIV, the numbers are only increasing. Therefore, it is essential that you head to the best HIV testing site for HIV testing. This way, you won’t have to live your life in constant fear and worry. Not only that, but you will be doing a great favor to your partner, showing them how much you care. With the number of HIV cases rising every year, now is the time to make a stand. Show your courage and eliminate all your fears by placing an order at the best HIV testing site today! You know you will have done the right thing for yourself and your loved ones no matter the result. In case it comes back negative, there will be doctors who will give you a free consultation and help provide medication and therapy, too.