Hiring the best talent in our digital world


These days, the digital journey has taken over many aspects of business, but one area that has needed to rapidly adapt – probably more than others – is recruitment. The process of finding and recruiting the best talent has become a largely digital one, bringing both advantages and challenges to the human resources department. Staying abreast of digital technologies and knowing how to leverage them to maximum effect is an important skill.

The best talent can be hard to find, and even harder to keep. Startups, in particular, face a significant challenge in attracting top talent, as they may not have the same level of brand recognition or financial resources as larger companies do. This is where a recruitment agency for startups serves as an incredibly valuable investment for businesses. Many businesses with no HR departments seek the professional help of recruiting agencies that have the expertise, resources, and networks needed to identify and attract top talent, even in competitive industries. A big advantage of our digital world is that it makes it possible to find talented people from a global pool of candidates. The tricky part is to give them a clear idea of what you offer as an employer and to transpose as many of the ‘in-person’ hiring processes as possible into their digital equivalents.

Digital storytelling can bridge the imagination gap

Online interviews can make it harder for both parties to navigate, as time-lags and body language can be harder to read. Also, you want to give your candidates a realistic expectation of what you offer and what you expect.

Digital storytelling can be very useful for this, as it can help to establish a context using a relatable narrative. You can give candidates a walk-through of your office, and they can get an idea of what you’re like as an employer, by watching colleagues talk about defining experiences they have had while working there. All these can help you strengthen your employer brand too.

Hybrid events and modern working methods

Being able to accommodate your talented workers preferences can be an important consideration for a candidate who is considering you as an employer. Depending on how flexible you can be around hybrid working and time spent in office, a candidate may choose to work with you or somewhere else. If you have already mastered hybrid events for sales and marketing purposes, then you can leverage the same technologies and principles to offer hybrid working.

You may find that some candidates prefer to come into the office for an interview, while others prefer to do this online. It’s important that you treat both venues with equal weight to avoid inadvertently giving one group an advantage. If you are able to offer seamless hybrid events for customers and leads, then you can do the same for job candidates too.

6 ways to attract the best talent digitally

Leverage your employer brand – Use digital storytelling to put forward a strong employer brand message. This gives candidates a clear expectation of what you’re like to work with.

Target vacancies with digital precision – Use the same principles as you would for lead generation as for attracting candidates. Spend time to research what personality types are the best fit, and resonate with them using crafted messaging and specific word choices.

Up the interview game – Your online interview can become a showcase of your best bits as an employer when you use digital stories to add depth to an interview. You can give them a virtual walk-through and show them where they would be working when they come to the office.

Check-in and Review – A quick (video) call to follow-up can help candidates feel valued and give an opportunity to raise any queries. It shows that, as an employer, you care about the well-being of your office drones. Doing a regular check-in with all staff is also a good idea, as this helps to keep people connected and feel valued.  

Clarify expectations – This works in both directions. It’s harder to pick up on social mores when you’re not in the office so these must be made explicit. Creating a culture of frank communication ensures that expectations are clear.

Make the office nice – It’s about more than having a few ferns and pool-table. Your office needs to be a relaxing and invigorating place to work, with a positive vibe. This can be supported by organizing social activities, and prioritizing well-being in your company culture. To reinforce this, use digital storytelling techniques that use digital media to communicate your ‘health is wealth’ culture to everyone – even when they’re not in the office.

Digital tools for every stage of the employee journey

When you embrace the digital recruitment landscape, you gain a lot. It gives you access to a huge pool of global talent, but it also helps keep your company on-track with using digital tools. The more you use them, the more capable you will become, and this gives increasingly better results.

These tools have an enduring role after the recruitment process is over too. They are essential for managing workflows, keeping people connected, and collaborating on work across distances. Digital storytelling tools can also help with onboarding and training processes, especially when used in immersive experiences.

As more workers start their journey in the digital workplace, hybrid experiences of working will become the norm, so our digital tools will only become more important in the coming years. For more information, go to https://www.purplestorytelling.com/.