Here’s How You Can Make a DIY Christmas


The DIY lifestyle extends to the holidays. That said, a lot of people choose to hire out a lot of work because they are too busy and too tired to take on everything themselves. If you have a large house, outside decorations can be a real chore, especially if you have a lot of large and heavy set pieces. If you are decorating your yard for the first time, you will likely bring in an electrician to either run wiring for outdoor outlets, or at least consult on the safest way to bring light to the outer edges of your property.

Even if you have to call in a professional for some things, that does stop you from doing your own outdoor Christmas lights yourself. As with any DIY project, there are pros and cons. The biggest pro is having complete, creative control. It is also true that you will save yourself a bit of money in the process. However, the biggest downside is climbing a ladder and working the roof. If the prospect gives you the chills and you know that your balance isn’t the best, call for help and get someone to do the tall work. Even then, you will still have total creative control and probably still pocket significant savings.

Decorating the outside of your home and taking a position of leadership in your community is a big step and a rite of passage that signals your status as a fully vested participant in the community and that you are reasonably successful in life. Don’t let the DIY spirit end at outside Christmas lights. Here are a few other ways of making this holiday season a DIY Christmas:

Make It Yourself

The thing that makes the national Christmas tree so special is that it is real, genuine in every way. There were no shortcuts when producing it. That tree had to start from seed and grow over the course of many years to something amazing. you don’t get that pre-fabricated from a store.

That is exactly how your gifts should feel. Don’t seek perfection in a placemat set you found online. Go for genuine craftsmanship with character and detail that demonstrates the DIY work that went into the project. That kind of gift is always going to be more valuable than the former.

Not every part of it can be hand-made. No one makes their own paper, or fabric, or wood. You have to start with raw materials and bring them together into something unique. That is the key. Whatever gift you give, make sure some part of it has your unique stamp on it. Otherwise, the gift could have come from anyone. Make sure you give gifts that are uniquely you.

Bake It Yourself

You can save a lot of time by just picking up baked goods from a nearby bakery. You can even order entire meals for delivery on the big day. It certainly makes it easier. But something is lost in translation. If you want the meal to be special, bake it yourself. Even if you are not a very good cook, you burn the roast, and you have to do it all step by step while watching a YouTube video. Your guests will appreciate the fact that you put in the work and did it yourself.

It is a mistake to believe you have to cook everything that people consider traditionally belonging to a holiday meal. It is too much for anyone. Consider pairing it down to something a bit more realistic. Do a few things very well and it will be appreciated by all.

Create It Yourself

There is something to be said for holiday traditions. But those traditions were developed a long time ago for a very different society. Not all of those traditions are going to work for you and your family. So rather than feeling trapped by someone else’s tradition, create your own and give your family something unique to look forward to.

In your new tradition, there might only be green energy lights and vegan meals. You might decide that only one person gives gifts to the family each year. And each year, the privilege of gift-giving rotates to a different family member. It is your holiday. If the traditions don’t work for you, create your own.

DIY gifts are always meaningful. Home-baked goods are always appreciated. And new traditions are always fresh and unique.