Here’s Why Charlotte Became One of The Fastest Growing Cities in The Country Recently


charlotte-skyline-elizabeth-sunset-facebookAccording to the Census Bureau’s most recent estimates, Charlotte’s total population saw one of the largest growth rates in the country among large cities over the past few years.

A total of 888,000 people have moved to the Charlotte metro – a decade-long growth rate of 59.6%, which officially made Charlotte one of the fastest growing cities in the country.’s infographic does a good job of explaining why our city is drawing so many people to the area.

moving to charlotte nc

Via SpareFoot Charlotte Self Storage

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  1. You can vote right?
    There are reps that want to end this lunacy of the toll roads because this is a foreign company taking money from our State. But then there are the ignorant people that keep voting people in who want to raise our taxes and say that guys who have metal issues should be allowed into women’s restrooms…
    So my advice is do something about it don’t just throw your hands up, cause that’s exactly what they want.