Have a Bird Problem? You Are Not Alone.


Anytime we think of birds, we consider them as one of nature’s delights. Their vibrant colors, chirping melodies, and elegance through the sky beautifies the landscape. However, there are a few species that become a nightmare for homeowners when an infestation occurs. Click here to learn more about dealing with a bird infestation. 

Most wild birds in the United States are protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty and Endangered Species Act. Because the pigeon, European starling, and house sparrow have no natural predator, they are considered ‘pests’.

Nuisance birds are known to wreak havoc on properties by polluting them with nesting materials and droppings. They also eat the fruits in a garden before the homeowner gets to. Moreover, several diseases, including Salmonella, Trichomoniasis, mites, and lice are associated with birds. 

If you’re currently facing a bird infestation problem, you’re not alone. But how can you effectively deal with it?

Make Your Yard Unattractive

Birds are primarily drawn to your property because of the presence of food or shelter. If you can eliminate both, you drastically reduce the incentive for them to reside on your property. Some of the ways to accomplish that include:


  • Make food sources unavailable


Some suggestions include:

  1. Taking down any bird feeders.
  2. Properly secure your trash cans.
  3. Install bird netting to keep them away from vulnerable trees with fruits.


  • Eliminate access to shelter


This can be accomplished by:

  1. Thinning your dense thickets, grass, and brush debris.
  2. Removing dead trees or logs from your yard.
  3. Do not leave any door open because they can fly in through it.
  4. Install bird spikes on potential roosting areas.
  5. Install powered strips on edges of signs or ledges to deter them from landing there.
  6. Ensure you seal all entry holes, especially holes in your attic.

Scare Tactics

This involves implementing strategies that will discourage birds from coming to your property. Some of them include:


  • Installing decoys


Animals like owls, snakes, and swans are natural predators of birds. Consider placing some plastic animal decoys on your property to scare them away. Remember to change their location to keep the birds on edge constantly. 


  • Using deterrents


Install a motion-activated water sprinkler that sprays water on them anytime they move closer. This may help to keep them at bay.


  • Hang shiny or reflective materials


Birds are keen observers of their environment. By cutting strips of aluminum foil or shiny CDs and hanging them on trees, it mimics a moving flame’s appearance and can help keep them away. 


  • Get a dog


Some dog species like sheepdogs and border collies enjoy chasing birds and are adept at it. You can train them to patrol your property to help scare them away. 

Getting Rid of Persistent Birds


  • Trapping


Ensure you contact your local wildlife service to know the legality surrounding the trapping and relocation of bird species before you proceed. If it’s allowed, you can trap the bird and release it in a far location.


  • Lethal methods


Certain US states allow citizens in rural areas to shoot sparrows and pigeons as control measures. You may also use avicides. But the use of poison isn’t recommended because it’s inhumane. Just make sure you check your local laws before attempting to kill or relocate any bird.


  • Nest removal


Depending on the bird species, you may be allowed to remove their nests or eggs from your property. 


  • Bring in a professional


Sometimes, dealing with nuisance birds can be challenging. If you’re unable to handle the problem on your own, you should consider bringing in a wildlife expert. They can help you design effective strategies that will permanently deal with your bird problem without flouting local wildlife regulations. You can go to bird-removal.com to find a bird removal professional near you.