Hardcore Panthers Fans Reveal The Gender Of Twins With The Help of Luke Kuechly


Legendary linebacker Luke Kuechly just helped with an epic gender reveal for 2 new soon-to-be Panthers fans.

App State Coach Britt Johnson and his wife Samantha decided there’d no better way to announce the sex of their new twins than with the help of their favorite player. When the couple traveled down from Boone for their doctor’s appointment in Charlotte, they decided to stop by the Panthers practice field to see how they might be able to reach Luke.

“They got done about 1:45 p.m. and about 10 players walked out, I didn’t know if we’d see Luke but he was one of the first out,” Britt recalled.

After Luke signed several autographs from other fans and approached the couple, Britt said, ‘Luke, I’m not looking for an autograph… I’m looking for you to do our reveal.”

Britt then posted the video to his Facebook profile saying;

“After our gender reveal ultrasound in Charlotte today, we went to Panther’s practice. Luke’s got something he wants to tell you….”

“I’m here with the Johnson’s and I just wanted to say they have two twin boys on the way and congratulations,” Luke said in the video.

Britt and Samantha are now bigger Panthers fans than ever, and they’ve even decided to paint their new twin nursery Panthers blue.

Congrats Britt and Samantha!



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